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authenticate my russian ww2 helmet

Article about: hey, here are the pictures of my russian ww2 helmet i want to know if its real. I got it for 55\\$.

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    Default authenticate my russian ww2 helmet

    hey, here are the pictures of my russian ww2 helmet i want to know if its real. I got it for 55$.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture authenticate my russian ww2 helmet   authenticate my russian ww2 helmet  

    authenticate my russian ww2 helmet  

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    Hey Macinnisje from these photos my first thought is that this may be a Swiss helmet model 1918/40 rather than a Russian helmet? A Quick look on ebay came up with some around the same price

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    Definitely Swiss post ww2, and the price seems high these are available still surplus for about 30 dollars

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The guys are correct, it is Swiss.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    It is Swiss, and it is an M18, with the first, original, complete circumference liner, and has the original Army green paint scheme inside, with the original Army serial showing. The exterior of the shell has been repainted over with the granular black scheme (known as 'shadow black' I believe) which was applied to pretty much all Swiss helmets in 1943/44.

    This is *not* a postwar helmet; the helmet is the original form as produced in the 1920s and 30s and is not a M18/40 or M18/63, which have different liners and slightly different shell contours.

    So, definately not a Russian helmet of any kind whatsoever, but a pretty good buy for $55. These are not that easy to find. Only thing better would be one with the original green overall paint scheme - now they *are* hard to get.

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    Agree with Greg. The liner band in the post war version does not go all the way around.

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    Indeed a Swiss helmet.

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    Looking at the pictures again I am reminded of a man who told me of a technique for removing the overpaint from helmets. The idea was to get a little hammer and go tap-tap-tappity-tap for hours on end, gradually loosening the overpaint to the point where it could be picked off with a fingernail. This all depended on the original paint being factory-baked, and any overpaint being applied in a less industrial manner. It occurs to me this might work with this excellent example of a good helmet where the 1940s overpaint is clearly patchy and flaking. Please note, I do not know whether these original M18s were repainted on a local level or returned to a factory for refinishing, but this one certainly was not completely overpainted, so there's always the chance the original surface can be revealed.

    All you need is a small hammer, plenty of time, no-one else about the house, and probably headphones to listen to something appropriate like Miles Davis' ON THE CORNER while you're about it.

    I did once try this with a Finnish M62 which had a rather light and already flaky UN-blue overpaint. It did work, sorta, but frankly I got bored with it and I hate headphones anyway.

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    Original M18/40 Swiss helmet. What I noticed is that the police examples (P on the inside) still have their original green paint and the army examples usually don't. I woulnd't mess with it, it's a nice early example. I've seen these stripped helmets sell on the bay and I didn't like it.

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    There's a real difference between stripping the helmet with any sort of solvent pr harsh mechanical means and merely removing loose paint. I would not suggest the former, but in this the case the latter may be appropriate - only having it in hand would confirm or deny that. And please note, this is not an 18/40, unlesss you want to really stretch the nomenclature to include simple repaints as well as the redesigned liner.

    I tend to keep alert for genuine M18s, and I have to say I have not seen a stripped one on Ebay or anywhere else. Are you perhaps thinking of the simple smooth matt black finish of many Swiss fire service helmets?

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