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Belgian M1

Article about: A recent pick up for me, I normally only collect German but this one dropped at my feet so I felt it would be rude not to give it a home I've just realised I've not got a shot of the liner a

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    I wonder whether there is a producers code struck in the front rim, under. It could well read: SW 1/72.

    Could you have a look?


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    the seam on Belgian made helmets looks a little bit narrower than a WWII US helmet, it looks like a Belgian made shell to me, Ive seen a few at the surplus store with a sand / silca paint texture

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    I'll take a look for the markings tomorrow guys, thanks for the replies

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    Here's a few pictures of a Belgian M-1 clone (made after 1971)we used for target practice.
    They were realy common and could be found in military surplus at around 10 or 20Euro a few years ago.
    I had or have one with the same finnish, but I'll have to look for it, looks like a M51 model.
    I'm almost sure they are belgian made.
    Most of them are used as ashtrays now, but some are still in use in units, for parades(I'll try to get some pictures of those if you guys want that).

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Belgian M1   Belgian M1  

    Belgian M1   Belgian M1  

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    Well, I can't see any marking on it guys, I think the paint has obliterated any trace. She displays pretty well though and was a real bargain When I pop my head out of the German side of helmets I really realise how obscene prices have got in that field.....

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    Some Belgian made shells lacked any markings at all, so that may be the case.
    May I ask how much you paid for it?


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    Quote by Nitram View Post
    Some Belgian made shells lacked any markings at all, so that may be the case.
    May I ask how much you paid for it?

    Just about 8 gbp

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    Seems a fair price. Paid the same for a Dutch one in January with a similar liner.


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    Plenty of bargains to be had outside of the Reich.

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    Quote by Nitram View Post
    The US heat stamps were stamped into the steel. If the rim is stainless, then chances are it's not US. There were very very few rear seam stainless steel rimmed US lids, and even those are more of a speculation than a reality as far as I know. Can anyone shed some light on the textured finish? A textured finish on a euro clone is news to me.Nitram
    I've not seen a Belgian M1 with anything but a smooth finish either but I can't say that I've seen that many of these helmets. As for it being a US shell, as far as I have been able to find Belgian never used US surplus m1's but instead made all of there own M1 clone helmets and liners. The rear seam stainless rim is the norm for the Belgian helmet I believe and just for clarification, there are a small amount of WWII period US M1s produced that are rear seam with a stainless rim, I have one sitting next to me. There was about a one mounth gap between switching to the rear seam and changing rim material, so yes, they do exist....but again, I don't think US surplus was ever used for the Belgian NATO helmet, unless someone can provide example that shows differently (US heat stamp in shell).

    The Belgian M1 shells had only ink stamps that identified Mfr and date so if the shell was repainted on the inside, that would be lost.

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