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Belgium M-51

Article about: Hi Fellow collectors. Here's a fairly nice condition Belgium M-51 from my collection. It has an early COGEB/ABL liner,the marking is very faint,and could not be photographed. Interestingly i

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    Quote by James C View Post
    i will look forward to seeing your handy work gary and great example Battle gear out of curiosity can i ask if the cammo paint is in solid blotches or has a strained look its hard to tell but ive seen hessian covered examples painted in the exact same way and wondered if this is one of them where the colour has bled through ,just wondering mate ,cheers james
    Hi Mate, hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to get the camera out and show the results, I would value your opinion.

    That's a good point about the colour leaching through the Hessian onto the shell, I have have read BG's response to this theory so this is discounted, but I would not have thought of that myself.

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    Hi James, Here is my second attempt at creating the cover which was made in four parts.

    Belgium M-51
    Belgium M-51

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    Default Belgian M51

    Opex that camo cover looks excellent on your M51! it has a nice fit with the tire tube band to mold the shape so it fits like a glove.

    I found some photos of an Argentine helmet liner that looks almost identical to the Vietnam pattern liner in my camo M51 , notice the pattern and color is very similiar to mine? I think it could possibly be a Argentine used or maybe used in the Falklands war back in 1982 , the Argentine soldiers in the photo look like they could be wearing camo painted hemets? but the photo isnt clear enough to tell? I wonder if the Argentine military ever used any surplus Belgian M51 helmets?

    Argentina Air Force Escuela de Aviacion Militar Flying Exercises M 1 Helmet | eBay

    Belgium M-51Belgium M-51Belgium M-51

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    Hi BG, many thanks for the compliment on my handiwork, I am a bit of a perfectionist so I am glad you appreciate my efforts.

    I would agree the liner in your's does look very similar to the Argentine example on ebay, I am not aware of the Argentines using any other M1 than the US and FM made liners and shells, but never say never . I find it fascinating researching helmet models shared by different nations so thanks for the link and reference photo's buddy

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