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belgium m71 parachutist helmet

Article about: Could it be that the Belgians simply wanted the best of both worlds with the W German M1A1 Para shell being superior to the French F1 Shell and the French F1 liner being more to their liking

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    Very nice matey and thank you for posting here for my viewing pleasure

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    Quote by austromunga View Post
    as with my other M71 example the bolts have been replaced with non original type!!(see pic) guess the Germans didn't supply any replacement bolts when they sold the Belgians the M1A1 LL helmets.. or perhaps not the special tools to remove them with out damage!!?? as I have seen so many Belgian M71 helmets with all kinds of bolts used!
    Austro, I think there may be some confusion here. I believe the bolts on most Belgian M71 helmets are the originals as supplied, although of course some replacement with other bolts either from military stores or the local ironmonger may well have happened. If you are thinking that the original German-service LL bolts would *all* be a slotted bolt with aeration hole in the middle that is a misconception. The bolts with holes and the ordinary simple slotted bolts were both used with the LL and I have seen both.

    It seems probable that the rather more machined vented bolts were an early fitting (perhaps because reminiscent of the WW2 helmets?) later replaced with the simpler slotted bolts.

    As far as the Belgian M71 goes *all* of mine have the simple slotted bolts, and it is hard to imagine that ten (or is it easy to lose track) different helmets all lost their original bolts during their service lifetime.

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    Hi Greg
    Thanks for the info... yes I always believed that the correct bolts were the wartime inspired type with the slotted vent screws (see pic, my non camo M71 has two front old type and the domed hard wear store type at the rear!!) the later type low profile plain slotted are issue!! (like all four on my camo painted M71 example!!) ...but the high profile domed hard wear store screws are the replacements!!??!!???
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture belgium m71 parachutist helmet   belgium m71 parachutist helmet  

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    Small update to the thread belgium m71 parachutist helmetbelgium m71 parachutist helmetbelgium m71 parachutist helmet
    Regards James

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    Those are some nice looking lids James!
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Thanks Michael ,the Us Woodland covered example is quite interesting ,made up of stitched sections of the liner flap material
    Regards James

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