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Bulgarian Helmet M36

Article about: How to know this is WW2 or post war:

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    very nice uniform srb these are quite expensive to buy here in the uk ,great example battlegear

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    This is possibly a good - if perhaps late - time to mention that useful knowledge on these Bulgar helmets can be had from Bulgarian helmetcollector Ted Muhovski's webpages here - Bulgarian Helmtes' History . Ted seems to have dropped off the radar in recent years but his site still exists and is one I find very useful. Ted was a nice guy and I would be happy to see him more active again.

    These M36 helmets were once plentiful on Ebay and the like, both in original and refurbished form. Now, not so much, though I have noticed a bit of a resurgence in recent months. I rather wish I had bought a lot more when they were cheap and easy, but stuck at the basic one-of-each level. Never assume that an apparent glut will last for ever!

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