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bulgarian m36 c help

Article about: ive been looking over my period m36c ,ive always wanted to know what the 3 stripes denote on the underside any thoughts guys,

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    Hi there,James.The stripes don't mean anything.All i can tell you is that they are post war and i'm 100% sure of that.
    I've never seen a bg helmet with stripes,so probably they where painted in some warehouse, or some one tried to make the helmet prettier

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    thank you cammobunker and thanks Emanuil nice to hear from you ,as you are from bulgaria i will take your answer as the most valid

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    Not a problem.I'm glad i could help

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    Very nice conditioned M36c James, a bit late in the response dept,but I have no ideas about the stripes,but if I know well enough I can imagine it must be one of those frustrating things that need to be solved, I relate

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