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Chilean M1 helmet

Article about: Hi all Well here's my latest addition to my M1 collection!!! It's a Chilean M1, with helmet cover as used by the Chilean marines!!! The shell is an American M1 late war, rear seam...presumab

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    Default Chilean M1 helmet

    Hi all
    Well here's my latest addition to my M1 collection!!!
    It's a Chilean M1, with helmet cover as used by the Chilean marines!!!
    The shell is an American M1 late war, rear seam...presumably... (the rim ring is now missing!!) swivel bail, with the heat stamp 1275A it had suffered stress cracks, which have been subsequently WELDED!!!!! I presume the rim ring was removed at this time for ease of repair and discarded.... the chinstrap is second T1 type with anti-strangle fitment.. it has several coats of paint directly over layers of peeling!!!! the lowest visible in a few places would seem to be fine sand textured...
    The liner shell is marked U.S. 28 and has had the Riddell webbing cradle replaced ....using large crude chrome plated "rivits"... and the spare holes are plugged with brass junk!!!! also it has signs of the usual splitting of the fibres on the edges... someone has applied heat to the areas in an attempt to effect a repair..... causing hardening and melting (but in some places this looks to have worked quite well!!!! to prevent further splitting!! .......but pretty it aint !!!!!!!!!!! (see pics) the owners name has been painted inside "Gomez"???? and at a later date painted over with green...which has now worn to reveal the name again!!!...
    The cover... in a "tea cosy" pattern as opposed to the normal M1 fingered non reversible.. (it is held on with a helmet band... may have once been elasticated .. but it has long since lost its elasticity!!!!) has several stitched repairs where it had worn through in the usual M1 places!! and then was fitted the opposite way around so as to preserve the repair!!! (signs of wear fitted both ways round) this pattern was used by the Chile marines and it has some markings at the four sides.... two mirrored chevrons??? ...rank!!!?????(see pic)
    I picked this one up on ebay, listed as KW era American!!!! and it was a roll of the dice which shell would be under the cover!! as the Chilean army used American M1, Austrian (which I was kinda hoping for !!) or best yet ex Bundeswehr M56 Zweitillage shells!!!!!!! so I actually got the lesser of the three ...but this example has some real character of its own!!! with all the repairs etc.... so I'm still very happy!!!!!

    your opinions please guys!!
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    I'm glad to see you can confirm an origin for this helmet type.
    I've found one like this some years ago and I was thinking it was a south korean use.
    It's the same liner with this synthetic Cradel suspension, and with a shell used threadbare.
    My helmet was found with a Woodland helmet cover and an helmet band with cat's eyes.

    I've found it in Germany around 2009.

    I'll try to put some pictures soonly.

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    Very nice aquisition austro ,thanks for elevating the profile of a little known helmet to my knowledge ,great looking camo cover too ,the excess material that is tucked into the liner is so different from the US m1 covers im use to
    cheers james

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    Here's mine, with US Woodland cover and elastic band with only one cat's eyes.

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    Hi austromunga,

    I've just initialize a page about this helmet :
    .: World War Helmets - Casque M-1 reconditionné :.

    Can you make me some big pictures with white background of your helmet cover to complete this page ?
    My email :

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well not too hard to guess the original parts and pieces really. US WW2 McCord Radiator shell with unknown (but probably Chilean manufacture) chinstraps. Liner shell is M1966 pattern reconditioned with an extremely basic suspension system. Given the depth that liner suspension is set to and the average size of the South American soldier, I'd be willing to bet a lot of these got the top of the liner stuffed with something to distribute the weight evenly off the sweatband. I'd also bet those rivets used in the liner are nickled...standard off the shelf hardware. During the period this helmet made it to Chile, probably after Pinochet came to power, Chile had serious economic problems, and the very basic rebuild this helmet liner got speaks volumes about that. Thank you for sharing it!

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    As the suspension is new and made with modern material. Headband is made with synthetic leather and suspension made from nylon, it's even more likely made in the late 90's, see in the 2000's...
    Shell and liner are over used, and misery is masked with a helmet cover.
    US Wooland helmet cover for mine.

    Perhaps these reconditonnements have been made for recruit time generalization of composite helmets.

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    I have an example just like WWH's. However, I've believed it to be of Peruvian origin. See Brendon's Helmets at Peru M1 - Brendon's Helmets

    Perhaps Brendon has it wrong, if WWH is leaning towards Chile on his excellent website.

    I also believe the horizontal bars rank insignia painted on mine (and others I've seen) is of Peruvian type.

    Now, of course, I'm wondering too!

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    Hi JBR,

    Thanks for your answer.
    I maybe wrong, and without a photos with this helmet in action, it's difficult to be affirmative.
    It's possible to be peruvian, Peru had the habit to use their equipment until the rope.

    Brendon's helmet has the same liner with the same cutting one the edge. The headband is US made.
    Our headband, austromunga and mine, are made in synthetic material. The brendon's shell is ine pretty good shape in contrary ours.
    But the brendon's helmet-cover is peruvian, rank on the shell too ?

    I've left this article at the moment, without best pictures and others model to present, it's difficult to write anything one something little known.

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    .: World War Helmets - Casque M-1 reconditionné :.
    Here is a link to Chilean helmets but it is in French
    Modified M1 helmet liner strange
    This link is to a helmet liner that I own to which I now believe is Chilean also

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