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Desert Storm Helmet

Article about: Hello, Besides the obvious Chocolate chip pattern I had trouble dating this kevlar helmet. I pick it up at a flea market for around 70 USD (I hope I didnt over pay). Anyways with the USMC st

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    To be honest i dont think this is wperez's first offence ,this kind of thing just gets my back up ,we all provide good sound information with nothing more than a link to some god only knows what dodgy site ,no offence to the long stay non gold members but im going to change the way i share what little i do know unless the likes of wperez show some commitment to this forum only then i can build up a litle trust and know they are in for the long haul and not just a fly by nighter

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    I'd rather you think twice on this, James. The only way this sort of forum works - works at its best anyway - is if we share information freely and without restriction, in the hope that it will be received in the spirit that it is given. The internet is a wonderful way of disseminating information and learning - it has been a particular boon to me ever since 1996!

    Of course it is extremely aggrevating when someone essentially misuses our goodwill, but the right action then is to point the finger so that everyone *knows* who that person is. I certainly will not decline to answer any sensible question or make a potentially useful comment just on the offchance the enquirer - or anyone else reading it - is some self-interested twerp with no regard for the normal proprieties. Life is too short and there is so much to learn.

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    Yes Greg,i totally get where your coming from,books have only carried me so far,and without the world wide web,my knowledge would have been much more stagnent,the web allows you to cross examine items through hundreds of images and i've always been one for sharing and trying to help others,i suppose like any online site a little thick skinned has to be developed to allow the very small minority not to get your back up.the vast majority here including yourself have provided some awesome links to some great information pages on Combat Helmets.i understand where James is coming from too,there's a few here that are not playing the two way street card and its just comes down to annoying over a certain period of time.

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