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Dutch east indies helmet.

Article about: Just haveing a bit of a lazy sunday. And thought i would post this helmet, to see if anyone is able to give me a bit more information on the helmet i have. The helmet, was one of the first i

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    Quote by Tinhat View Post
    Thats a really nice find, I almost bought one of these a few months back but the wallet wouldn't stretch far enough at the time. You don't see many and not in that condition.
    no I haven't seen many to. but when I got this one there was two in the box I was looking in. kicking my self for not getting the other helmet, but the one I got was the better one. cheer mark

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    Mark, you're in the right area for finding these. Just keep looking ;-)

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    Very nice example, I almost won one like it on ebay very recently, thanks for sharing!

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    the other helmet is there in the box, but it is missing the liner pads and neck flap and the chin strap is cut. it seems to be a lighter green than this one. the shell is a better condition.

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    Without photos it's hard to say Mark.

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