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french infantry marine m1915

Article about: ive already posted this over in the ww1 section but would like to share it to a wider audience on this section, my latest pickup , ww1 adrian infantry marine helmet unfortunately no liner or

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    Col, I've been digging around in some books in the hope of answering your questions. For reference I have 'Les Casque de Combat, (Lavauzelle) and 'The History of the Steel Helmet in the First World War (Haselgrove & Radovic)

    It looks like I need to correct my earlier statement, the badge was issued to both Colonial Infantry and Naval forces, and it looks like it was used by colonies that were not North African (these used the crescent badge), bellow is a picture of a Senegalese soldier.
    A bit more information on the helmet I have, the 'A5' stamp is the helmet size, these ranged from A1 to C3, and 7% of helmets manufactured were A5. Liners with red felt are the early pattern liner.

    Now for some speculation on the label.....unfortunately, the label, has no letters or words visible, I have 10 Adrian helmets in total, from M15, M26 and M37 and only this one has the label. I can find a reference to the different manufacturers (8 in total) "some helmets were marked, using and ink stamp, with the name or logo of the manufacturer. However there appears to be no uniform approach", one of the manufacturers was "La Compagnie des Compteurs et Matériels d'Usines a Gaz de Paris" who I believe also manufactured gas masks in both wars. I'm leaning towards a manufacturers label rather than a re-issue label, maybe someone out there will have a complete example to post.

    french infantry marine  m1915

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    Col, it's quite common for the liner tabs to break. What you have is the welded portion in tact, the tabs are a continuation of that, I don't bend mine because they break, as for it being a fake, that's a bit harsh. The badge does look a bit out of place, but the badge and helmet are made from different metals and they age differently. The tabs that hold the badge on look fresh, but I have example of this also, but there are many fake badges these days. The badge looks good, but it may not be original to the helmet. The way to check would be to remove it and have a look at the markings on the helmet, but this has an element of risk associated because the tabs my break. (my curiosity would get the better of me) Post a picture if you decide to do it.
    These are the only 2 helmets I have seen this colour and they have the same badge...I would like to see it but I think it's good. Hopefully more people will comment.

    ** I've just seen the thread on the WWI forum, I'll comment on there.****
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    many thanks tinhat i think you've answered all my questions i also like the referance picture you provided ,i notice the colour of mine is much darker than yours i would describe the colour as dark green /turquoise if that makes sense

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