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Hello, new here

Article about: Hello, I have just signed up to the forum. I didn't know which forum to post a hello in but decided here due to recently acquiring an M1 helmet to start off my collection and interest in mil

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    Default Hello, new here

    Hello, I have just signed up to the forum. I didn't know which forum to post a hello in but decided here due to recently acquiring an M1 helmet to start off my collection and interest in militaria. Very new to the hobby yet had an interest for many years. I have been reading through some of the sub forums and the insight and reference is second to non. I will be spending a lot of time here I think. I am still getting to grips with the differences and tell tale signs between genuine artefacts and fakes, and also the meaning of markings and dating associated with gear. Some feedback and information would be much appreciated once I can get pictures uploaded.

    Thanks for having me and hope to enjoy the ride!

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    Default Re: Hello, new here

    Welcome todos. Nice to see a new collector. We will be most willing to help you out as, with you being new to the hobby, there is a good chance you will be caught out by fakes until you find your feet. I would advise you don't part with any money until you are sure an item is exactly what it says it is......there's a lot of unscrupulous dealers out there waiting to catch guys like you out !


    Steve T

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    never buy the story a seller tells you about a helmet, you must learn to make the right judgments yourself and it will take a while until you learn the details and what to look for, artificial aging and fake insignia is the norm these days

    here's an example of a seller trying to use a story to sell a helmet that is not a true WWII helmet, the seller has story about his grandfather wore this helmet during the Normandy invasion on D DAY, but the helmet is a typical VIETNAM era helmet with post WWII straps & liner

    My grandad helmet from normandy landing - eBay (item 150579087394 end time Mar-22-11 18:39:09 PDT)

    this helmet belonged to my grand father,he was part of the normandy landing 1944 he was part of 29th infantry div. not long after thing settled down he sent this helmet home for a souvenir of the landing,sadly grandad did not make it home we lost him a few years later in sicily.Now my dads gone to so all it is to me a thing to make me miss dad and think of pap I have no attachment to it and would love to see it goto some one whom would appreciate it and honor the memories of grandpa Sam.dont get me wong I do honor what pap and dad did for this county.
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    Default Re: Hello, new here

    HAHa, what a story! We're expectd to believe a D-Day veteran is allowed to send his helmet home (never mind it is government property at that point) then he is sent to Sicily 'a few years later' where he is killed? A few years after 1944 would be 1947 at least so what, did the mafia get him? The least this fraudster could do is get his history correct!

    BTW, welcome to the forum todos!

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    Default Re: Hello, new here

    Thank you very much for the welcoming introduction. It seems a vicious game out there in the online trading of such artefacts! Your knowledge and 'heads up' is much appreciated.

    I was looking at this M1 on ebay. What do you guys make of it? Possibly a good start for me? Is it literally just online you can find these things or are there arms fairs in and around the U.K where such items are traded?

    Vietnam M-1 Helmet & 1965 Westinghouse Liner Camo Cover on eBay (end time 02-Apr-11 02:00:41 BST)


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