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Helmet Collection...and others

Article about: My collection of helmets from the World Wars along with assorted US Militaria. Just thought I'd snap some pictures...and yes this was my room up until a few years ago.

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    Paraphrasing...but I really appreciate the helmet shelving system, I only wish I had the space to recreate such an excellent way to display my treasured Helmets

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    welcome to the forum what a cool room

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    I like the long shelf wall display, thats the best way to display a lot of helmets in a small area without taking up too much space

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    Welcome aboard, chum. Nice collection!

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    Holy Carp! Is that a US-issue TRASH CAN I see there??
    You, sir, win the award. I remember those things, you could beat a guy to death with the lid. The whole thing weighs, what, 20 or so pounds empty as I recall. Where on earth did you find it?

    Not to denigrate the rest of your collection as it's quite comprehensive and you should be quite proud of it. I'm sure you have no small amount of time and money invested in putting it together.
    I spent more time than I want to remember scrubbing out those damn trash cans though.

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    A very keen eye. Yes, that is exactly what you see. A 1942 dated Reeves trash can that I was told was taken off a ship. Bought at a large flea market in Wisconsin for next to nothing, and I learned the hard way how heavy it was when I carried it a couple miles to the car.

    It is discussed at length here: 1942 Dated US 10 Gallon Trash Can? - CRAIG PICKRALL FIELD & PERSONAL GEAR SECTION - U.S. Militaria Forum

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    Lovely and varied collection of helmets. Very nice!

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    nice to see a british zuckerman on the top shelf ,i also see a few spanish lids too close up shots of your helmet collection would be great if you have time

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    Quote by TrondK View Post
    Wonderful bedroom. My second last xwife didnt allow me to have any of my toys on display.

    Sooooo i had to choose between her and my priceless old rags. She is gone now.
    haha wow

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    I can post close-ups of certain lids if that's what the people want! Any requests?

    I just acquired a Dutch M34 and a Belgian M26. This leaves the small list of 'affordable helmets' that I need include:

    Swedish M21 with frayed sides
    Early-war dated British MkII Warden

    Most others from the World Wars are a little out of the current price range!

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