I scanned in a couple of my original 'pre-1956 Hungarian revolution' photos of Hungarian troops with M50 helmets

1956 April - Parade with special "parade helmets" (feat. Hungarian tri-color decals) - btw., all M50 helmets were designed with these decals at the beginning, but after manufacturing a few thousand of these, they realized; those decals were perfect "bullseye" for the enemy - so these helmets were demoted to "parade use only". Most of these decaled helmets were destroyed after 1956 - so if anyone finds one, get it!
( I have 3 of these in my collection )
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...and one of mine:
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Here are some anti-aircraft troops dated around 1950-1956 - by this time, not only the helmet, but the uniforms were 'Soviet-ized" - which was a bad move, even according to the Soviet army advisers. By throwing out all things Hungarian - the people hated the soviet style uniforms, mostly that they were not comfortable, some were poorly made - and were verymuch was "hurting" the Hungarian Nation's pride.
So after the 1956 revolution, all these pre-1956 uniforms were scrapped - making way to a more modern line of Hungarian uniforms which was loosely based on a mix of Hungarian WW2 and USA / British WW2 uniforms.
So these pre-1956 uniforms are also highly sought out pieces by collectors - I'm lucky enough to own a few of these...
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