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Iraqi Helmet

Article about: by battle gear >>> Hi Mate. Nice lid,and display

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    Quote by battle gear View Post
    Hi Mate.

    Nice lid,and display

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    For Tim (Fallshimjager),

    Here is all I have left from 3 visits to Iraq, I swapped a lot of good stuff a while ago but then there was a lot of it knocking arround the barracks and I was desperate for German stuff and viewed (foolishly) everything else as junk.

    As an aside and off topic our interprator said the stone was laid by Sadam to open the airport in 1989? There were two identical this one was set but there is a scratch at the top corner and its replacement (I guess) was next to it so my pal from 'Dirty D Bty' said, he took the best one and gave me the crap one.

    The bronzey thing is from his palace, I thought I could mount a sun dial on it in the garden? Strange what goes through your head when pillaging?

    I already put a Fedyeen on here 1 of 19 but the rest were stopped by customs, that was one that was forgoten on my panzer.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Iraqi Helmet   Iraqi Helmet  

    Iraqi Helmet   Iraqi Helmet  

    Iraqi Helmet   Iraqi Helmet  

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    "Iraqi soldier"
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Iraqi Helmet  
    Attached Images Attached Images Iraqi Helmet 

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    Quote by battle gear View Post
    Very nice display, I really like the Jaish JIM 'J' Marked Helmet. Please keep me in mind if you ever want to part with it, I would love to have it in my collection.

    Thank you


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    Quote by jock auld View Post

    Picked this up today South of Hanover of all places.

    Nice minty with I presume the owners details but I don't read arabic.

    Note the Iraqi Ordance mark, it is quite hard to find things with it on as most of their gear was imported.


    I like it very nice, thank you for sahring the images.


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    ive got about 8 rolling around in the trunk of my humvee right now = D

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    On my first deployment you used to be able to find these things laying ALL OVER the place in the Ammo Supply Point across MSR Tampa from COB Speicher just a few miles north of Tikrit. We had several guys stop and pick them up. Customs didn't mind bringing them back, and I was also able to bring back a full set of Iraqi Police body armor from Tikrit with 'Iraqi Police Services' stenciled on the front in Arabic, and I.P.S. stenciled in English right below it. I actually used it as part of my costume for Halloween this year. It was distributed by the Al-Zaini Company for for the manufacturer in Jacksboro, TN. It's p.a.c.a. brand body armor, and even had the metal ballistic plates inside. I found it in one of the bunkers on our Patrol Base in Ad Dawr, Iraq not a 10-minute drive from where Saddam was captured. (This was when I was there in 06-07) I asked the Iraqi First Sergeant on our P.B. if I could take one home and he gave it to me for free because his men didn't like them and that's why they were down in the bunker collecting dust, and U.S. Customs just made me fill out a form for bringing it back.

    Here is the vest being used as part of my Halloween costume, and Iraqi Army zombie. (It only cost me $4 in fake blood, and I was broke!) Enjoy.

    The jump wings on my patrol cap are actually Iraqi Army Jumpwings as well, but I got them on my 2nd deployment in Baghdad.

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