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Iraqi helmet

Article about: these Iraqi soldiers have also painted their helmets green and wear spotted camo uniforms

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    Will do Samir,cheers mate.
    That's what I first thought Tony re the crescent but later found images of Iraqi combat lids with the same symbol.
    Will attempt to find them and post.
    Cheers fella's

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    Gday gents,
    Still looking for the image.It showed a group of armed Iraqi troops with crescent symbols on their M80's.
    Found this whilst searching but it could well be a Red Crescent M80 with no real military origins.

    Iraqi helmet

    Here is a link to my old MK 2 thread if interested.
    Iraqi issued British MKII Tank helmet?
    I will keep looking guy's.

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    Iraqi helmet

    Palestinian ambulance. Looks to be the exact symbol as the lid on page 2.

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    To tell you my opinion it is an Iranian helmet. The Iraqi helmets I saw were Soviet style and the helmets like yours I saw as war trophies above the door of the "Victory Over Iran" palace. Worth a check.

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    Iraqi M90
    Used heavily during the second gulf war, unlike its predecessor, the Iraqi M90 helmet was produced in Iraq. Made of a light plastic material, this helmet was of very poor quality and construction. One such problem that came about as a result of its low quality was edge chipping/delaminating. To essentially protect the helmet from itself, a rubber bumper was placed around rim for prevent bumping damage. Unlike its predecessor, the M80 which was field painted to match the desert landscape, the material used to construct the M90 was color a desert tan from production.


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