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Iraqi helmet

Article about: these Iraqi soldiers have also painted their helmets green and wear spotted camo uniforms

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    Default Iraqi helmet


    Is this a Iraq republican guard or a Iraq national guard helmet??

    What type is it?

    Iraqi helmetIraqi helmetIraqi helmet

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    It looks national guard, and repainted. Should have a rubber pice around the brim I believe.

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Iraqi helmetIraqi helmetIraqi helmetthis helmet is the IRAQI Model 90 and first appeared during Operation Desert Storm in KUWAIT back in 1991

    yours is the model with the WWII liner style suspension, other models had a cradle suspension.

    it may have been used by Republican Guard soldiers, mine is the version with the cradle suspension and the rubber ring around the edge.

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    in 1991, I found 2 Iraqi helmets, one was a light pink painted m-1 liner, the other was a plastic helmet, it looked like a kids toy, it was strange, because the plastic one had a small hole in the front & the back had a huge hole, it toook a while, but after scrubbing out brain matter, blood, bits of bone etc, I couldn't help my self, I just sat there laughing for awhile, did they really think a fibe4rglass m-1 liner & a plastic toy was really even worth wearing, but I gave them to my grandsons, needless to say they have been lost for a long time. but we fought the republican guard near basra, so the stuff I brought home usually had a triangle symbol, the canteens had it, I had a duffle bag, but it had a upside down 2 in the triangle. I have a 20 year old new gas mask, it has a triangle between the eyes area, but I don't know about their national guard.

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Thank you very much!! So it was repainted with green. Why??

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Quote by Miles82 View Post
    Thank you very much!! So it was repainted with green. Why??
    maybe it was used in an area with more vegetation and they wanted it to blend in with the terrain, some areas near farmland and water have more vegetation

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Normally the RG stuff will have a red triangle on it. Their gear was not well distributed and a true mix of old/new.

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Can you tell me about the history of this helmet??

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    Quote by Miles82 View Post
    Can you tell me about the history of this helmet??

    Google Translate

    look for IRAQ and see the variations of the IRAQI helmets like yours

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    Default Re: Iraqi helmet

    the thing with Iraq, all their equipment is just a big jumble of anything they could buy, I found russian equipment, canteens, field gear , ammo, etc, then I found U.S. equipment, canteen's, m-1 liners , other field gear, etc, then other countries also, I have a 5 gallon German gas can, looks like the ww2 type, just had a date of 1990 on it, just a big jumble of whatever they could buy I guess, funny I found a ammo box from Kuwaiit I really wanted to bring that home, but somebody stole it from me, oh well.

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