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Iraqi Para Helmet & Burlap Covered M80 Brought Back From Desert Storm in '91

Article about: Gentlemen: I have been a visitor here for a long time and I have decided to take a more participatory role by joining the forum, and several others, and sharing photos and some of my experie

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    Quote by austromunga View Post
    liking your collection "WisP"!!!! and as James says the camo guys would really dig your collection too!!!
    I can't help noticing the similarity between your superb collection of Iraqi Eagle belts and my own mint condition 83' dated maker marked Austrian army (Bundesheer) Eagle belt!!
    can you tell your belts have any makers marks at all!!???

    I like to learn something new every day and you are responsible for allowing me to fill today's quota! I have never seen or even heard of the Austrian army's Eagle belt before your post and there's an obvious and undeniable connection to the Iraqi belts I posted.

    Do you know if the belts were made in Austria, or were they purchased from a manufacturer elsewhere? As everyone knows, the Iraqis sourced equipment from a huge list of vendors from many different nations. I don't recall seeing any Austrian tags or markings on any of my Iraqi uniform or gear, but I have not handled this stuff in so long that I do not trust my memory.

    As to my Iraqi belts, I'm almost certain that they have various mold markings and perhaps stampings on the metal, but once again, I don't recall the fine details.

    Thanks and take care!

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    Very nice camouflage Desert Storm Jackets many if not all badged to the Republican Guard, the Le Berge made jacket was I believe used by Kuwait originally, the French TAP style jacket and various "Romanian/DPM" inspired patterns..oh too much choice and too many to like, feel free to post them up in the Post 1945 camo thread,where there will be many more collectors drooling over them

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    Iraqi Para Helmet & Burlap Covered M80 Brought Back From Desert Storm in '91hope you dont mind me posting but id like to share with you as we are on the subject of HHD maker marked helmets my example
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    Re the belts
    I'm not sure if the Austrians supplied the Iraqi Army........ but what IS unusual is that the "eagle" itself is a unique design and not just "surplus" as many other European supplied items for the Iraqi army were!!! but I think I'm also right in saying the design of the belt is a registered design of Glock Ges.m.b.H. (Austrian gun makers) the plastic "keepers" even have a little "Glock" logo on them!!
    (See pics)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Iraqi Para Helmet & Burlap Covered M80 Brought Back From Desert Storm in '91  
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    @ War is Peace : amazing collection!

    @ austromunga : i noticed the same similarities between iraqi and austrian belts as my opinion the iraqis were initially supplied by the same belt makers of the austrian ones (european makers, i belive), then this style were copied and replicated by south korean companies like for west german cut style uniforms....(few months ago there was one model listed on ebay : tan color webbing and dark green plastic hardware...inside the metal hanger ends - i'm sorry if i can't write by english well- there was engraved the famous H.H.D. mark and something else...if i remeber correctly )

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    Is also a bringback your last item pictured (vertical lizard shirt) ?
    For my knowledge this camo pattern and cut refers to Egypt...what is your opinion?

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