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japanese helmet

Article about: did japanese helmets ever have leather chinstaps?

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    Default japanese helmet

    did japanese helmets ever have leather chinstaps?

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    MAP is online now


    I can't say that I have ever seen one but am in no way an expert. All the helmets I've seen and the few I own are made of cloth.
    If one of the many experts here at WRF don't respond it may be best to post this in the Axis Militaria Forum (Japanese sub-forum). Will probably have a better chance of being seen by the people in the know.

    Do you have pictures of one to show? That will always help.

    BTW....welcome to the forum.

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    Quote by historybuff20012002 View Post
    did japanese helmets ever have leather chinstaps?
    When they were converted for use by Thai forces, they most definitely do.

    Mannie Gentile: Combat Helmets of the 20th Century: Siamese/Thailand model 30-32 Steel Helmet



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    Ive seen some WWII style Japanese Hollywood prop helmets with leather chin straps & liners

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    japanese helmet

    Generally speaking - no. They were provided with cloth ties that were strung around the liner and tied below the chin. Photos shows one that is chewed up but still intact. NH

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    Everyone I have ever seen was a cloth tie, as above.

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    I've never seen one, I think Militarione came up with the only reasonable explanation.

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