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a lttle riddle ! ;)

Article about: Hi, mates ! Received three helmets today. What do you think, where they´re coming from ? Cheers, R. Annoyed from this ads?  

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    hi reibert out of curiosity what is your main area of collecting ?

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    I´m collecting trench knives from WWI, combat knives from WWII, also fighting and utility knives, used in the Army´s of the former Warsaw Pact.
    Didn´t you know ?

    From time to time I also buy some "modern", (post WWII), bayonets.
    BTW, I´m still looking for an Army issued, british, SA80 bayonet.


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    Hi, mates !

    My collectors mate, (meanwhile back in Germany), inquired the knife and received following information from an collector´s mate in China:

    The, (fibre)glass-reinforced Plastic, (GRP), helmet, (the helmet, I´m showing here in this thread), is designated as M1965.
    The successor, (the follow-up model), made of Nylon, is the M1991.
    There´s no model between !

    Happy New, (Goat-) Year !

    BTW, the Chinese Para´s cord cutter knife is designated M1965 also.

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