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m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

Article about: my latest buy and an example ive been waiting for for a wee while especially with the correct hessian colouration it has the standard break away chin strap but alas no liner so it now has a

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    Default Re: m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    James, another excellent lid, I had my eye on one of these for quite some time and finally picked one up about a year ago, you may have seen it on the kids web site. If you don't mind, I'll share it here as well as long as a little info on the M53 and our particular lid:

    Dutch M53
    As in most cases, the entrance into NATO required a certain degree of standardization of equipment. Such is the case with the Dutch and the development of the M53 helmet. The Dutch adoption of US M1 two piece helmet produced a near exact copy of the US shell. Early liners were also a near exact clone of the US M1 liner, however later were made of an ABS type plastic with suspension similar to that of the US WWII period liner and void of vent hole. Dutch M53 shells were produced in several colors, corresponding to the related branch of service and the liners were color matched to the shell. The shells were fitted with the distinctive Dutch “anti-strangulation” chin strap, often referred to as the “arrowhead” chin strap. The liner chin strap also differs from that of the US style, opting for a thin cotton strap over the US leather design. Earlier M53 helmets were produced by one of three Dutch and German companies. Later M53 helmets were imported from Austria, who exported M-1 clones to many countries. The reason for the Dutch to import these helmets is not certain, possibly just more economically feasible or possibly due to quality issues the Dutch did have with their production.

    Dressed in burlap and netting that is held in place by a rubber band cut from a tire inner tube, this is a classic example of the Dutch M53 NATO helmet. Under the burlap is a dark OD green shell, produced at the Linnemann & Schnetzer facility and dated 1982 (stamp under visor rim reads L S 82). The OD green plastic liner is unmarked but does poses all of the distinctive features of a Dutch produced liner.

    m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)



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    Default Re: m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    I just wanted to say what a very informative thread this is. Good stuff indeed!

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,


    [/COLOR][CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=3]URGENTLY LOOKING FOR: 1982 era Argentine military issue goggles. Fravida 109, and "Sanbuee" French lens type

    [/SIZE]Have a look at my 20+ (so far, work in progress) albums for lots of M1's, rare liners and other stuff, including WW2British helmets, Falklands battlefield pickup helmets and let me know what you think!

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    Default Re: m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    This is a helmet that can't be missed in a collection, thanks for the information Russ. Got two these and there will be 3th one in the future but that one is blue. But I got 2 M53Helmets those two are identical, so I don't mind trading one for a other helmet of equal value with someone here that I still don't have in the collection. By interest PM me about this one.


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    Default Re: m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    russ is great to see your good self back on here ,your input and wealth of information is always welcome ,thanks for the info on this m53 its great ,your helmet example is also nice to see ,i think i have your examples twin sister a kind of russ m53 clone clone as it were

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    Default Re: m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)

    Quote by col james View Post
    ,i think i have your examples twin sister a kind of russ m53 clone clone as it were
    LOL....I'm guessing this was a pretty standard configuration for these helmets and boy don't they sure look nice up on the shelf!

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    well ive hopefully managed to find an early schuberth resin liner to finish off this german made shell ,its been too long in waiting ,my next problem is the liner has no chinstrap , would anybody know where i could pick up a webbing material dutch liner chinstrap to finally complete this lid once and for all or perhaps do you think a leather strap would be better suited to the schuberththanks james

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    Hello James,

    You'd want a web chinstrap.

    PM me your name and address and I'll send you one, since I have a spare strap.


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    emile that really is very good of you to help me out ,it is appreciated and i wont forget this

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    well the schuberth liner arrived safe and sound ,id like confirmation if its likely a good pairing for this shell ,i should really start a dedicated thread to all the known liner makers and there issued use ,it seems schuberth supplied a fair few of the euro m1 clone liners ,i have a hunch this might well be better suited to the west german two part m56 ,i might put it there on the bundeswehr thread to see what feedback i get ,i know its a schuberth because of the p2 stamp as to its date of manufacture im really not surem1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)m1 clone pickup (dutch m53)
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    Look's like a great match to me James, as stated previously the Dutch used various sources so this liner is great for your shell, something I have noticed personally is the canvas liner chinstraps are considerably harder to obtain than the universal leather M1 style versions.

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