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M1 helmet clone

Article about: First post to this forum, and looking forward to some info. Ppicked this helmet up and was wondering if anyone could help me with its nationality. Doesnt have a removable liner like the stan

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    I know this is an old thread, but could any of you help me with an unidentified m1 of mine?

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    i dont see why not trainboy ,can you upload a few pictures of the mystery m1 and im sure you will get a positive identification from one of the forum members

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    Ok. I can't upload from my iPad but I will once I get home. Just a brief description of it: I bought it online marketed as a French m51. I received it and found that it does not have the telltale flared back end. So it is not a French helmet. I don't see any markings except "LS-82" written in white paint on the inside of the shell. It has a removable plastic liner that is green inside and out, and has a cloth chinstrap and ventilation hole on the front. The shell has a rough matte finish, is green and has no markings other than the LS-82 printed on. No stamps, nothing. It is swivel bale and rear seam, so it must be post ww2. The chinstrap is dark OD cloth and clipped on the bale, along with a little ball attachment to go on to the prongs. Lastly, I purchased a cover to go on an m1 but it did not fit on this mystery helm. However, it is a cheap cover so maybe it was just made too small. Either way, I'll be posting pictures ASAP.

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    L S i imagine would stand for linneman and schnetzer a german helmet maker as far as i know they produced m1 shells for the danish m48 and dutch m53 and also norway used the shells too ,ill look forward to the pics
    regards james

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    James is correct, and I am inclined to add that the fabric liner strap and the clipped-on shell straps would indicate it is Norwegian M58 rather than anything else. The Danish version has leather liner straps for the liner. The Danish M48 has either a rivetted shell chinstrap or a clip-on type, depending early or later production runs. To make it even more confusing the Norwegian liners were actually made in Denmark. When we see your pics the facts will become clear.

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    Is it possible that it's a German made shell for the Danish army but a Danish made liner for the Norwegian army? Frankenhelm? And might the 82 in LS-82 stand for 1982?

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    I think so. I just did some research and if the liner was Danish, it would be gray with a stamp. However my liner looks just like the Norwegian liner.

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    Top job as usual Greg .... nice one!!!!

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    Any updates on the pictures of your helmet trainboy ,
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    Sorry for the wait, but the posting method of this site is very tricky for my 8 year old laptop.

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