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M1 helmet clone

Article about: First post to this forum, and looking forward to some info. Ppicked this helmet up and was wondering if anyone could help me with its nationality. Doesnt have a removable liner like the stan

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    Quote by Trainboy153 View Post
    I think so. I just did some research and if the liner was Danish, it would be gray with a stamp. However my liner looks just like the Norwegian liner.
    Well, you need to be careful here. Danish civil defence (Civilforsvaret) issue liners are grey inside and out and usually (not always) have a large CF inkstamp. But with a specific exception! Early military-issue liners were also grey outside but a peculiar shade of reddish-brown inside (and they stink, due to the composition of the resins used to solidify the fibre strips the thing is made of). Because of that smell they were phased out of military service - in the direction of the CF! - and replaced by new helmets with the green plastic liner, which so far as I know is essentially the same whether it be issued in Norway or Denmark. If there is an obvious way of telling them apart I haven't noticed it yet (I am not infallible....!) Anyway, therefore some CF liners are grey outside and red(ish) inside.

    I believe - though there are good arguments against this - that the CF helmets that are magnetic, with the red-interior liners, and usually a stamped number on the rim at the rear, are actually the original M48 helmets made in Denmark. Repainted for CF. I'm almost inclined to bet money on it, but Other Authorities have other ideas. You'd think it would be easy to prove this one way or another, but OH NO.....
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    A side-issue regarding Greg's side-issue about the difference between Danish and Norwegian plastic liners: I have an example of each and the only difference seems to be that the Norwegian liner has the addition of a black ink stamp denoting 'Army' ('HAER', I think without checking?) on one of the webbing interior straps. I've read somewhere that there are also stamps for the Navy and Airforce. The Danish liner lacks these markings. Of course, it's possible, maybe likely, not all Norwegian liners received a stamp.....

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    Default Chinese mfg steel helmet

    here's a very similar helmet from a seller in Shanghai, China.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1 helmet clone   M1 helmet clone  

    M1 helmet clone  

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    Quote by battle gear View Post
    here's a very similar helmet from a seller in Shanghai, China.
    Wow, good spot. Very interesting. There are an incredible number of China-based helmet sellers, its a real cottage industry. I've spent far more time than I ought searching through Alibaba trying to track down some unusual helmet, often without success because I just give up after the first few hours. I have a really strong suspicion that any apparently new helmet that looks a bit like something else from the past is pretty damned certain to be a modern Chinese product. NB this includes both steel and composite helmets - it is remarkable how little equipment is needed to make composites once you have the correct materials and one or two serious presses and ovens.

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    I think these are actually made to be used , these arent soft non heat treated airsoft / reenactment / repro helmets

    these are probably exported to some third world countries to use by their armed forces

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    Interesting clone BG the liner and chincup look french F1 influenced

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    BG, I am certain you are correct - a number of less wealthy nations use these Chinese helmets. They are definately intended for serious use. It is through seeing photos of them in use in (for example, Kenya) that I've tried tracking down what they actually are. Unsuccesfully, beyond being convinced they're Chinese (actually, seeing a picture of crates of helmets in a Kenyan port with Chinese characters on them was a bit of a clue...)

    James, I think this goes a bit beyond 'influenced' and into stealing the idea wholesale. But then on the other hand there aren't that many varieties of liner than are actually practical and effective. Inventing a new one for the sake of it seems absurd.

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    Default Chinese mfg helmets

    These Congolese soldiers appear to have some type of export steel M1 style helmet similar to the helmet on ebay from China

    they may have slight variations, since these are made for export
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1 helmet clone  

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