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m16 or m18 ?

Article about: Hi... This is my newest helmet. I don't know if it is a m16 or a m18? Does anybody know what the white thing inside is? is it original? yours, OrangeSoldier

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    Hello it looks to have been used by the Finnish Army as it has the extra holes drilled for the Finnish liner ,

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    Hi Orangsoldier,

    This is a Afghan used German M16 helmet. These helmets were acquired by the Afghans after WW1 and were worn into the sixties. The liners have obviously been replaced during the years. More rivets were added. The two(?) holes near the lug were intended to take the Aghan emblem. As far as I recall a roundel with the colours green en white and arabic lettering.

    Nice helmet!


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    That is correct, it is an Afghan Army lid. Nice one anyway,


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    I concur with Emile and Donnie.

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    m16 model

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    sorry for my late answer. ( I've been in normandy for the anniversary).
    So it's an afghan one....But it is possible that it was used by the germans during ww1 isn't it?

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    Hello O.S.

    This helmet most likely was used previously by the German or Austrian army in WW1.
    I think the Czech's sold them in the twenties to Afghanistan. The Czech's received them as war booty after WW1.


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    I'm pretty sure the holes on the right and the cheesey liner indicate that this M-16 was used by the Afgans. The holes were drilled so that round metal badges could be affixed, and I think that there were several types of insignia used. Alot of these showed up on ebay after 9/11. If I recall correctly, the winning bids for these helmets without complete liners and chinstraps, and sans badge, would be in the $50 - $75 range. Others probably, no definitely, know more about these than I. Jim G.

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    Thank you for the information...
    I think I'll remove the white thing inside because it isn't original.

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    I discovered an engraving on the inside of the helmet. It says : Bj 7 4 8

    Does it give more information about it?

    What do you think about removing the white thing out of the helmet?
    because I think I'll remove it because it isn't original

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