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MKIII Turtle Helmet

Article about: I picked up this helmet recently from an online website and although it was cheap, I am disappointed by it's condition. It's an MKIII (am I right?) made by F.L.L. in 1952. It must have been

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    Default MKIII Turtle Helmet

    I picked up this helmet recently from an online website and although it was cheap, I am disappointed by it's condition.

    It's an MKIII (am I right?) made by "F.L.L." in 1952.

    It must have been stacked along with other MKIIIs in hot conditions because it looks like other liners melted onto the shell.

    Should I leave it as is? Should I try my hand at restoring it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    It's a Mark IV with the "lift the dot" detachable liner. These were developed by the Brits when it looked as if they were going to have to fight in the Pacific theatre post VE. Helmets that could double as bowls for water, like the US M-1, were considered better for use in the tropics.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened and the Japs went belly-up, so that specific problem was averted.

    The stacking ring problem is common with Mark IVs. I have one and, I'm ashamed to admit it, I took the lot off with steel wool. Couldn't bear to look at it, although I'm a firm believer in leaving stuff "as found". Then repainted with NATO olive drab.

    Looks good, but I'll probably roast in hell for my sin.

    The Mark IVs are much cheaper in North America than the Mark IIIs.

    Just bought a 1915 Brodie (magnetic steel) that some bastard had cleaned with a grinder. Horrible. But it only cost me $25. Not sure what I'll do with it. Probably nothing. Just put it on the pile.



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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    My Irish Brodie Mk II had the same black ring. It's common with many British helmets from storage in army barracks. I also have a MkIV which I got years ago. I actually ordered a MkII but was conned and they sent a MkIV instead. This was the eighties and I was a serving member of the Irish army reserve and we were actually using the MkIV as was the British army at the time. We were also using the the Mk II. The Mk IV had a coating of sand applied to it, so and I'm ashamed to say it. I chipped it all off. It would have been unique. Everytime I look at it now I squirm. But my excuse is that back then it was very much an operational helmet. It's likely that it had been used in Aden or even the Suez.

    Patgore, I was more lucky. I managed to pick up a 1917 Brodie for a song. It's a gem. The pride of my collection now.

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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    i had the exact same markings on my 1952 turtle helmet it had a texture like bitumin i didnt realise this was a common problem due to stacking thanks for the info

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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    I would just leave it as is, you could add a net with some burlap strips and the stacking mark wont even be noticable, most of the time they wear camo nets over the helmets anyways

    it actually helps make the texture look more camo when it has some uneven texture / finish

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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    Battle gear is probably right, but if anyone has a cure for stacking rings, now would be a good time to speak up.

    I think I tried most of the available solvents: Varsol, mineral spirits, acetone, Goof-off, Dabit-off....... Only steel wool worked.



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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    as others have stated what you have is a mk4,apart from the lift the dot fastener the other diffference to look for is that on a mk3 the rivets attaching the chin strap fixings are considerably higher up the sides of the shell,hope this may be of some help in the future

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    Default Re: MKIII Turtle Helmet

    heres a nice photo showing the helmet with netting and camo, this is how they usually wore them and a little cosmetic defect from stacking wouldnt really make much difference

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