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my Iraqi helmet

Article about: Hi guys, what is your opinion about my new Iraqi helmet? cheers Tom

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    Tom i still cant say for certain if your insignia is genuine or not but i can throw it out there on other specific iraqi forums if you like for its appraisal
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    Hi Opex and James,

    thanks for your replies,

    no problem to put my pics on an other forum James.


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    Hi James, I have a few of these models with red biro, and pretty sure that some have blue/black biro Arabic script in them too, however I agree with your comments about staying clear of some Iraqi helmets as they could be embellished with fantasy markings I suppose ( think of all the M1 helmets flooding the market a few years back , after Saving private Ryan!!)


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    gary here is my recent bad experiance so buyer beware ,i sold this plain m 90 relic on ebay ,a week later it was being sold on by the same buyer/seller as republican guard m90 ,it really peeved me off i can tell you ,i made 25 the mark up was closer to 100 for playing around with it ,how many people are shelling out there hard earned money for worthless crap ,i notice there are a few republican guard /iraqi helmets at a buy it now at the moment on ebay uk my Iraqi helmetmy Iraqi helmet

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    A lot of naughty people out there defacing history

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    exactly ian ,quite a convincing insignia dont you think mate but my pre and post 91 in fact post 2014 photographs speak a thousand words

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    Absolutely disgraceful, I too would have been very annoyed , more so as someone probably bought this model in good faith, I am not surprised though as this is a "good" way to make a profit...even though it is on the highest scale of dishonesty...shame on the seller for his/her actions.

    I have repainted a few helmets from my collection over the years, purely for my own gratification, however I would be honest in my description stating the helmet had had a re-paint if I decided to sell it on!!

    In conclusion your statement about being wary of buying these models, is clearly justified, and thank you James for raising this ongoing "fakery" issue.

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    Thanks for the heads up James. Name and shame.
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    Thanks gary and ade ,just thought id highlight the problem tom the original poster of this thread has mentioned the seller in question
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    republican guard insignia helmet's are few and far between so for one seller to have so many to sell seems a bit odd
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