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my Iraqi helmet

Article about: Hi guys, what is your opinion about my new Iraqi helmet? cheers Tom

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    Default my Iraqi helmet

    Hi guys, what is your opinion about my new Iraqi helmet?

    Tommy Iraqi helmetmy Iraqi helmet

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    Is it ok that roman figures are painted on the helmet instead of arabic figures? Helmet was bring back from British vet. Helmet would be of a soldier of the 11th Infanterie Division that occupied Kuwait in 1991, thanks for looking

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    Hello tom and welcome to the forum ,glad you enlightened us about the unit markings as i wouldn't have a clue without asking around on some specific iraqi military forums ,did the previous owner tell you of is history ?,you probably know this already but its an m80 model ,the trouble with iraqi helmet insignia is its so crudely done making its real hard to determine if its period applied or simply a fakers paradise ,people have cottoned on to the fact that unit marked helmets command good prices ,i have had experiance with this problem in the past and was quite shocked to learn to what extent the fakers will go ,for example i sold a plain m90 relic shell for around 25,about a week later the seller who bought it had it advertised at over 100 and had added a very convincing republican guard triangle insignia which had been aged very well ,he also stated it had been in his collection for years ,as you can imagine it made my blood boil and now i know fakes are out there im very reluctant to buy any more unit marked examples just to be clear im not in any way saying your insignia is fake but just food for thought on your next purchases ,any chance of a liner picture please
    best regards james
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    Hi James, thanks for the nice welcome

    Helmet was bought on ebay from Coventry Military Surplus, UK. Price was 90 GBP. This is the liner.

    It's good to have a forum like this where people can look, talk and discuss about militaria pieces.
    Hopefully we all can learn so fakes in the future can be (easily) spotted. But indeed, fakers spoils the hobby more than once...

    Maybe it's good sign that this is not a common helmet unit marking because on the internet, we can easily find some nice other examples of unit markings, also the republican guard marking...

    my Iraqi helmet

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    Thanks for the extra picture of the liner tom ,im guessing that these are the seller's pictures from the auction
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    yes indeed James,

    as soon as the helmet is in my possession, I will take new pics.

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    here some new pics:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture my Iraqi helmet   my Iraqi helmet  

    my Iraqi helmet  

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    leather marking (triangle) + name owner (see dust in the inside ;-))

    so what's your opinion on this helmet?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture my Iraqi helmet   my Iraqi helmet  

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    Hi Tom. It is definitely an Iraqi M-80 however I could not guess one way or the other as to the authenticity of the markings, I have a number of these models in my own collection, which I have posted in the composite helmet section If memory serves me right, I am amazed at the price you paid not a bad thing ,just amazed how much these are going for now!!

    I got my first M-80 in about 2004, and paid about 25, so these have certainly crept up in value.

    Overall a nice genuine M-80!

    Thanks for showing it here and for your queries.

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    Good to hear your thoughts gary what is your opinion on the biro marking on the sweatband ,ive not seen biro ink used before in this manner ,as a rule i dont go near unit marked example's anymore after a recent eye opener from one buyer/seller ,now i stick only with buying unmolested iraqi helmets my Iraqi helmetmy Iraqi helmet
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