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My latest helmet :D

Article about: Hey all! Thought I would share my latest helmet with you all! I have wanted one of these ACH/MICH for yonders and Finally got one as a Birthday present haha Now my US collection is complete!

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    Nice helmet. There's a limit on what you can import from the US before duty charges apply - I think it's around the 30 mark, HM Revenue & Customs have details on their website. Don't forget part of the total charge is Parcel Force's 'handling charge' (about 8, I think) on top of the duty - now that is milking it! A cover shouldn't cost that much so you probably won't be charged duty (or 'handling'). Best Regards,

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    Haha... That is impressive Nick! Just gonna pop round to drool over your collection :P If I had a display that impressive I would not be able to resist the temptation to show it off either! Fantastic lot you have there! I used to only be interested in WW2 helmets but I am slowly becoming more obsessed with the more recent and current issue Brit & US stuff especially the PASGT helmets they just look too cool on display! Yeah I am hoping maybe if I order just a cover at least I wont get hit with customs tax as its a small item but when I have ordered from the states a few times in the past I have to pay around 40 in customs fees which is just shocking! Cheers! Sean.

    Ive had quite a lot of stuff ordered from the US & Ive never been charged on any low cost items so you'll be fine with a cover its just the wait thats a killer.

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    Its also the combined cost of the declaration+shipping if its above 18 then usually a customs charge will be on its way,however sometimes it has gone slightly higher with no charge............Jake.

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    Few more pics with reversible cover that I will display until I get a digital cover. Cheers for the info guys gonna go ahead and order a genuine digital cover from the US. Also would this cover be worn with this model ACH? I have heard this is a later model after improvements had to be made & the reversible covers were only worn for a short time on the first model ACH? The instruction manual mentions the reversible cover though. I have no idea personally so wondering if its correct or not to display the tri-colour desert cover on it. Cheers! Sean. Click image for larger version. 

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    Very good helm

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