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Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

Article about: Hello fellow collector, i just bought this Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) shell along with the WW2 british canteen in the antique market. The TNI AU roundel inside the shell The comparison wi

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    I'm sorry for the late reply, here the better photos. With comparison with the euro-clone and the american made one

    The insignia

    The end seam

    The chinstrap holder, secured with 3 weld dot. The shape is similar with the french OTAN right? And don't mind the strap, it's not original. Also it's smaller compared with the euro clones one.

    With euro clone

    Lower than the euro clone

    With american m1

    Much more lower than the american m1

    Quote by battle gear View Post
    I think there is a possibility this could be a rare Indonesian clone? or some type of euro made export model? helmets made for export could be a little different than a standard M1

    it looks like it was made a long time ago, not something of recent manufacture
    Maybe this shell is similar with the one worn by the soldier on the left?

    So what's this shell? Indonesian m1 clone?

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Endlessly more interesting. I have no idea at all what this actually is. However, I will now distribute your new - and much improved - photos to some other collectors who might have a clue. NB - any resemblance between this and a French mle51 is entirely imaginary!

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Ah thank you!
    Oh and the shell weight more heavy than the m1.

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Does anyone have a photo of a North Korean helmet for comparison? I have never seen one up close and personal but in a bad photo the basic shape seems similar and since this seems to be a shell unfamiliar to everyone I though it could be a possibility!

    But in rethinking this, it would be highly unlikely for the NK to use any helmet that even remotely resembled a western style helmet......... never mind.


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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    North korea?!

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    I'm guessing those NK guys are using some China knock off now..... Not what your mystery helmet is.

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Ah i see, so what chinese helmet is this?
    Chinese m1 clone?

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    I thought I had posted an earlier reply to this thread but I have the horrible feeling I clicked 'cancel' by mistake. Anyway, what was I saying - I doubt very much it is North Korean as so far as I know (and always room for improvement) the NKPA use/used a mixture of ex-Japanese material (plentiful after the occupation), Russian or Chinese supplied ssh40, a home-made ssh40 clone that is diffferent from the original only in detail, and a rather crude metal helmet probably made as emergency issue during the Korean War (which may have been Chinese anyway). There may be a more recent composite helmet, but its hard to find out these things.

    I also referred to this Chinese M1 copy you mention - its a shell that strongly reembles the M1 but otherwise nothing like it. I have one and its a rather crudely made but surprisingly well-finished object. See here for some pics of one - CHINA M-I . It certainly is not the Mystery Helmet.

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Hmm interesting, is there any possibility this helmet is based from the south korean M76?

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    Default Re: Need help from the M1 Clone Expert

    Can you supply a little more detail on the Mystery Helmet, please. Is the shell magnetic or not, what does it weigh, does it appear to be well-made or roughly manufactured (taking into account age and wear of course). So far no-one I have discussed this with outside Warrelics has the slightest idea, and some of them are *very* knowledgeable collectors. You may have something quite unusual there. Or again, it may turn out to be something so obvious we haven't noticed it yet. But so far, so baffling!

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