I've just found out about (and rapidly got a copy of, courtesy of my Polish pal Piotrek) a new book on the Polish wz.31 helmet.

It is volume 85 (Tom 85) of a (probably well-known to many of you) Polish series on the weapons and equipment of the Polish Army in 1939. (WIELKI LEKSYKON UZBROJENIA - WRZESIEN 1939). Published by Edipresse Polska.

The authors are Krzysztof P Kłoskowski and Jarosław J.Rojewski - it is a 64pp more or less A5 size softcover, it is a very good production and has a lot of excellent pictures and what looks like a detailed and very informative text (My Polish is extremely limited - about eight words, none of which I can pronounce properly... so mass-use of scan/copy/paste into Google translate will be required - but be warned, it is not easy to get a good translation because of all the accents which may not OCR properly). I've spent best part of an hour trying to make sense of a single page detailing post-WW2 developments of the wz.31, and I am not happy enough with the result to post it here. The photos are wonderful, though!

The better news is that it is in a way a trailer for a much more substantial book - "300+ pages" "Coming Soon!" And, apparently, bi-lingual Polish and English text, or perhaps at least with English captions and summary. It looks like it will be from the same publisher, Edipresse Polska, but I haven't been able to find out anything more certain so far.

A bit of searching will find several Polish web-retailers that can supply this, at the 14 to 20 zl price-point (that's less than 3 UKP) so even including postage hardly a problem. Or easier still, ask a Polish friend.

new book on Polish helmetnew book on Polish helmetnew book on Polish helmet