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NVA DDR M56 helmet military police

Article about: Hi guys this helmet arrived today and I am chuffed to bits. The smell when I opened the box was great old, rusty, musty, helmet and full of dust, spider webs and dead insects This helmet has

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    I never mind James when anyone puts up their examples on the threads I've started it's good to be able to compare our examples on this forum

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    my thought's exactly ian ,like minded people sharing an interest and as you say good to compare against each other's i wish my cover was a bit more salty like yours than my mint example

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    I do prefer a used example to a mint one James but I will take whatever comes my way especially if the price is right

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    very nice find - I was VERY lucky a couple years back to get 5 of these early M56 lids from German Ebay. I think I got 1 more since, a size 2, 1959 dated one with new 1970-s/80-s liner.

    NVA "Cold War" Collection 1956 - 1990

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    As James informed us; you have a "first pattern" (M1944 WW2 style-design) liner - the only thing I could add; that the chin-strap is "second pattern", with the added leather cushion, see pic:

    NVA DDR M56 helmet military police

    The bottom strap is the "first pattern" with slightly thinner leather strap in the middle part - and no cushions...


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    Quote by battle gear View Post
    I can see a very faint 61? I think your helmet is dated 1961

    the DDR also exported many of these to other countries like North Vietnam , Turkey, some were used in the Bosnian war, African Bush wars, others? it seems many of them were given away as military aid.
    The ones that went to Turkey (a NATO member) were, of course provided after German unification. Likewise the ones that showed up in former Jugoslavia were essentially suplus helmets after the NVA was merged with the Bundeswehr.

    These removable covers are not strictly speaking for Military Police, but were worn by what were termed Nichtstrukturmäßig Regulier, temporary traffic regulators.

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    Quote by RVLucy View Post
    These removable covers are not strictly speaking for Military Police, but were worn by what were termed Nichtstrukturmäßig Regulier, temporary traffic regulators.
    Quite right. It's just that these "Regulators" were represented in NATO int briefings as performing some of the same roles in the field as NATO MP's which is how those of us with "boots on the ground" came to identify them although the word "Regulator" was used. The same sort of situation existed with the Soviet "Regulators" as it is much easier to get the average "Tom" to use a term he is familiar with and all soldiers know about MPs right?

    In any case the DDR and Soviet armies didn't really have "Military Police" that would be recognised as such by western troops (Don't forget that officially in the DDR and USSR there were no crime problems just minor misdemeanours as a good communist would never steal, cause damage or use violence against a comrade ).

    As for the DDR helmets supplied to countries that had never been DDR clients yes of course these were late types coming direct from the defunct DDR supply system as the newly re-united Germany had literally tons of surplus military gear to get rid of including vehicles, machinery and weapons over and above the relatively tiny amount that ended up on the collectors market.


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    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    Redstalker, nicely done, nice catch! The original M56 are getting very difficult to find!
    Watchdog, you are correct that neither the NVA or the Soviet Army did not have MP's. Minor infractions were handled by unit political officers. Major infractions were handled by the Stasi / KGB, and woe betide the poor soldier who ran afoul of those fellows.

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    Pretty nice helmet cover of a, so called, "Regulierer" !

    Also read this thread:
    "R"- marked East German Helmet


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