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Parachute/Airborne Helmets and HSAT's from around the world

Article about: I know a few of us discussed this some time ago and as Airborne helmets are one of my favorite sub catagories to collect and I have not seen another thread dedicated to the subject . So I th

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    [QUOTE=Mark K;1630962
    Rene correct me if I am wrong but if I remember correctly these helmets used strictly for training purposes...

    Regards Mark[/QUOTE]

    I'm not sure as I don't have any info in my library on our Paras

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    You've seen this one that has been modified for possible Aust use. Never have seen photographic use.

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    Thought to whack in my Polish/DDR pain in the arse helmet! other than that it's "rounds complete" from my lot

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    I'm not sure as I don't have any info in my library on our Paras
    Is there perhaps some confusion between a DR helmet and the Duperite helmet (see below - not mine, picture borrowed from a correspondent!) Note the difference in the leather ear-flaps. Quite possibly the same shell though, I don't know.

    The Duperite was used as a training helmet, but apparently the Australian paras much preferred the British steel helmet and the Duperite was rarely if ever used operationally. To make it a little more arguable, Canadian collector Roger Lucy has said (and who am I to argue?) that Australian paras actually used the US M1C in combat.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Australian Duperite right profile.jpg 
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    Nice lot they are too Rene'

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    British armed forces parachutist helmet ,note the RAF store's stock code ,mainly know as the instructor helmet ,i must add i've never seen any referance picture's to back up its use as an instructor's helmet ,it offers nothing other than bump protection , Also used by special forces "Halo pathfinder" ,perhaps allthough im not 100% certain used by the red devils in the not to distant past Click image for larger version. 

Name:	005.jpg 
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    I felt sure I had seen a picture of a label in one of these that specifically said it was an instructors helmet, but could not find it in my files. I do have pics which simply show the same label you have, James, and I have seen several examples of this helmet with that label. None of which proves the idea, which I shared, that it *is* or has been an Instructors helmet.

    But then I checked BRITISH AIRBORNE HEADDRESS (Daniel Fisher & Oliver Lock - yes the same Oliver Lock) and in the section on Training and Crash Helmets there is one of these with a pic of the label which clearly reads 'PARACHUTE INSTRUCTORS HELMET'. Same company, Helmets Ltd.

    The text goes on to say that this model was also used by free-fall jumpers, particularly Pathfinders. It seems an obsolete model, having been replaced by a Gentex product which looks even more like a fast-jet pilots helmet, including oxygen hose.

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    Many thanks Greg ,where the instructor's helmet moniker came from i'll never know ,but it stuck ,i could well see it used as a para training helmet ,this example is dated quite late as it's 1991 ,but i've heard of similar example's dated from the 1970's onward's ,this one is quite special to me as a i sold it a few years back but regretted ever selling it ,glad to have it back in the fold for sure ,i wonder if there is a little space on composite to cover this model

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    Here's a scan of the appropriate page, James. It may help. Couldn't do it earlier as I was running something on my PC and wasn't able to connect the scanner right away.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	img030.jpg 
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    Brilliant Greg ,thank you so much ,i notice the mask attachment's on the chinstrap flap's

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