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Peruvian M1 ?

Article about: Thanks for your comments, Opex. I imagine Peru doesn't have great wealth to splash around on military equipment and is obliged to 'make do and mend' (eg like Israel in the 60s). Other countr

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    Something ain't stirring the cool aid!

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    Good detective work Nick

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    I feel I need to explain my situation collectors, I was a member here a few years back,gained the odd stalker or two to be fair ,which put me off actively being a member here, I had a heck of a job, to wait my time for the cretins to stop contacting me.

    I am back under a different pseudonym, no big deal , it happens. But this time I will not respond to trade offers ,or give out my personal email ( you live and learn I guess).

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    so your Gaz ??

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    As I earlier indicated I would, I snapped some photos of our newly aquired supposed Peruvian M-1 and have posted it on the following thread:

    Our Peruvian M-1

    Russ & Son

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    Hi folks, A suggestion was made that this shell may be a Peruvian re-work. Anyone know if they used diamond symbols and this shade of green? The shell has two weld repairs. NH

    Peruvian M1 ?Peruvian M1 ?

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    A quick look at a few websites suggests the diamond is probably not a rank insignia. Possibly, it indicates some formation or other. It may surface, eventually! Best Regards,

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