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Peruvian M1 ?

Article about: Thanks for your comments, Opex. I imagine Peru doesn't have great wealth to splash around on military equipment and is obliged to 'make do and mend' (eg like Israel in the 60s). Other countr

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    Default Peruvian M1 ?

    Hi Fellow collectors.

    I was having a look at Brendons helmet website today, and came across an example of a Peruvian M1.
    I have an M1 in my collection that seems to have some very similar features,specifically the liner cradle design.
    I would like your opinions on mine, there is only one chinstrap attached , and the shell is front seam , swivel bale, so a former US shell, feel free to comment.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    I think it has a very good chance on being a Peruvian used M1 helmet, the liner straps and rivets look identical in my opinion, the webbing also looks like like the same type of material

    where did you get the helmet? how long have you had it? etc that could tell some clues

    it's an interesting set

    Peru M1 - Brendon's Helmets
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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    Hi Battlegear, many thanks for looking and for your positive comments.

    I am fairly convinced this piece is Peruvian ( well as convinced as one can be) I got this one 3-4 years ago from ebay, and since then have been trying to work out it's country of origin.
    It arrived with a US woodland cover on it, and to be fair the sellers pictures did not clearly demonstrate what I was buying, it was one of those gambles,I have often taken on ebay purchases.

    Interestingly when I stripped back the glossy lime green paint I discovered a rank marking of some sort on the front of the shell.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC01520.JPG 
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    The shell also has non-standard chinstrap bails as you can see in this picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC01503.JPG 
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    Many thanks for your input.

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    the rank marking appears to be a horizontal stripe similiar to the helmet from Brendon's collection

    I wonder how it may have ended up on ebay? possibly something brought back or from the surplus market

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    Hi BG,
    The rank stripe does appear to follow the Peruvian style, but I am not sure what rank it relates too?

    I am constantly amazed how such items ,travel the world and end up being auctioned off on ebay, a complete mystery.

    Some of my collection has been bought from surplus suppliers and I have some fairly good ideas of the items provenance,this one I have no idea.

    I am more convinced know that this item is Peruvian, which is fantastic after all thse years of not having a clue.

    Thanks again for your input, it is very much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    the green paint that was on the shell on your helmet also looks like the same lighter green used on the helmet liner in Brendon's collection, looks like a close match

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    I've recently bought one of these on eBay. I believe it to be Peruvian, but only because Brendons helmets says so! I tried to find other sources but, so far, without success. M1s with these features (leaf green paint, type of nylon liner refurb, woodland camo cover - often a PASGT type - and occasional rank markings on the front) crop up on UK eBay fairly regularly but always described as "US M1" or similar. So someone's imported them in some numbers. Does anyone remember seeing them in surplus shops? I don't. The rank markings (mine does not have any) are consistent with Peruvian Army markings. My example is a rear seam type with a repaired stress crack (a feature I have seen mentioned on yet another listing only just the other day). Several others in past listings were front seam types. Thanks for raising the subject, Opex. Regards to all.

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    Hi BG, yes it is ( well was) a close match, a few years back when I stripped the paint off, I had no ideas of it's origins,hence stripping it all off. I regret that now!!!

    One day I will learn to leave things as they are,and not be so hasty.

    Thanks again for your input.

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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    Hi JBR, It's good to here you have one of these too, I would be keen to see it.

    I think someone must have imported some over the years,this is the only way to explain this.I have never seen any on the surplus Market.

    Thanks for you input, and as before look forward to seeing yours.


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    Default Re: Peruvian M1 ?

    I'll photo mine and put it on, Opex, but not for a couple of weeks I'm afraid. Best Regards.

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