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Real or Repo Japanese SNLF helmet

Article about: Is this a real special naval landing force helmet or a reproduction?

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    Just realized that this is in the wrong forum. It should be in the Japanese section under Axis. You should ask a Mod to move it.

    Here is a nice thread on IJN helmet badges

    IJN Silver/nickel plated Helmet Anchor? Seen one of these before ?

    And here is an original IJN helmet. There are lots of others on the forum. Just use the search function.

    Japanese IJN T90 Helmet with 2nd Pattern Cover
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    [QUOTE=BC Canada;2011604]Thank you all so much for your help. Everything you guys noticed turned out to be correct.
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    I truly hope one day I can be able to do what you guys have done here. Thank you again for your help in this
    It takes time, don't get discouraged and keep reading the posts on this forum, there are a lot of good people on this forum!

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