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Romanian composite helmet

Article about: I recently bought this STIMPEX helmet via a Romanian contact - it had been advertised on the Romanian ebay-clone Mercador. It is dated 2009, but the label implies it is a 2004 design. Its ob

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    Default Romanian composite helmet

    I recently bought this STIMPEX helmet via a Romanian contact - it had been advertised on the Romanian ebay-clone Mercador. It is dated 2009, but the label implies it is a 2004 design. Its obviously very PASGT-like in form, though has a much more modern velcro pad liner system (note that the crown pad is missing) and a complex nape strap. It is painted black overall and no other colour beneath is visible; I would guess from that it is for civil or police use rather than military.

    There are various traces of the manufacturer, STIMPEX, on the internet, but nothing that shows they are still in the business of helmet-making. Other than that I know NOTHING about this helmet. Anyone here can enlighten me/us a little more?

    NB - more pics can be found at composite helmets index

    Romanian composite helmetRomanian composite helmetRomanian composite helmetRomanian composite helmet

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    Actually I do have some pics of another similar Stimpex helmet, harvested from another Romanian auction/sales site (Okazii) a couple of years back.

    Without actually having the two helmets in hand for compare and contrast its hard to say whether they are substantially different - except for the label. This one is dated 2010. Information Please!

    Romanian composite helmetRomanian composite helmet

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    nice example greg from your pictures i can see the striking similarities to the us pasgt ,it looks to be of lesser quality i can see the kevlar weave ,not something you see externally on the us composite also the paint work is very slap dash ,i think your right about it being civil or for police use going off the colour of the chinstraps the military issue are green and have a chincup very much like the french spectra ,can i ask is Stimpex a commercial manufacturer ,ive seen referance pictures of romanian troops using this helmet in basra around 2005

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    Well, Stimpex still exists and they seem to make all sorts of stuff, but not helmets any longer. So far as I know.

    So far as the Romanians using these in Iraq, I dunno; I certainly know they were using the German B826 some years ago, and I have seen pictures of Romanian troops wearing a variety of helmets including the PASGT proper, Israeli Orlites, and other stuff which I can't recall. Anyway, apparently the Romanian forces have yet to settle on a full replacement for the old M73 and are still test&trialling batches of things. Costs have a part to play too, I would guess.

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    thanks greg ,i too have heard of the variety of helmets in use including the israeli m76/85 ,lets hope we hear from other members on this one ,thanks james

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    Oooh, that's interesting! Thank you very much! Good information. Neither of these helmets are the same as either of the two Stimpex products, but at least I know now that there are other Romanian producers and I can research more. Thanks again!

    The manufacturer of these helmets appears to be Tech Tactical Gear which has a website here - Toate produsele Which looks a bit strange, in that I'm not sure they actually *are* the manufacturer rather than a simple retailer. Exciting, though, eh.

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