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SAS issue helmet Mk7

Article about: Picked this up at the weekend , a helmet you dont see so often

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    Default SAS issue helmet Mk7

    Picked this up at the weekend , a helmet you dont see so often
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SAS issue helmet Mk7   SAS issue helmet Mk7  

    SAS issue helmet Mk7  

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    No you don't. What is it? I mean that most sincerely.

    Its not a Mk7 ( look at the liner bolts and the lack of liner-retention 'horns') nor is it the usual object badged as CTT which is much more obviously a Mk7 shell with a simpler three-point chinstrap, nor is it their close relative the NP 902, which again has a different chinstrap array with consequently different liner-bolt arrangement (and significantly, no 'horns'). Unless its all an illusion and just the way you're holding it. Maybe I am not seeing it right, but it genuinely does not look like any of those. It would be actually exciting to find this is a new variant. I am willing and happy to admit any failure to see the obvious, but this doesn't look 'normal' to me despite its label.

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    Hi Greg this is what the SAS are getting issued these days , the shell shows tan paint under the black so i thought they have used a MK7 shell and added a differet liner but i may be wrong, here is a photo of the other label
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SAS issue helmet Mk7  

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    Krad, I'm not arguing for a moment that yours isn't badged CTT and issued to SF. What I'm a bit baffled by is what it actually is. There are, to my present knowledge (which may be out of date as helmet manufacturers don't seem to ever actually tell me when they issue a new model...) four helmets of what we can call the Mk7 family. The Mk7 itself, its apparent immediate predecessor the AC600/900 (aka the 900/600 sometimes, confusingly), the AC902, and the CTT (which may itself be a rebadged 900/600....I didn't say this was simple, did I?)

    Here, for comparison -

    SAS issue helmet Mk7SAS issue helmet Mk7SAS issue helmet Mk7

    Left to right, the 7, the CTT, the 902. Note bolt placements.

    The Mk7 and the CTT (or at least the model I have) both have the characteristic NP 'horns' of the liner retention pins. The 902 does not.

    SAS issue helmet Mk7SAS issue helmet Mk7SAS issue helmet Mk7

    Another defining characteristic is the chinstrap rig, specifically the rear attachments. helmets in same order as above.

    How do these compare to what you have?

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    Hi Greg i see what you mean it looks abit like the CTT you have shown but without the liner studs showing though the shell , Maybe a differet maker ?

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    Well, I don't know. All variants of this shell are NP Aerospace made, and moreover the label you have - despite not referencing NP anywhere - is consistent in form and style with known NP labels. I am genuinely baffled. I'm going to copy your photos to a couple of composite fans not on this forum and see what they come up with. It may well be something blindingly obvious, but one never knows. That's the fun part of this, really.

    Just to be absolutely clear - how many liner/chinstrap bolts are there on the outside of your helmet? Looks like maybe one each side and one at the rear?

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    Hi Greg there is 5 bolts on the shell two holding the chin strap mounts on the sides and one to the rear the other two are used where the liner can be adjusted if this makes sense to you

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    OK then, five bolts, that makes it more similar to, for example, the CTT helmet I showed above (top row, right). Now, if it had horns, it would be the same thing. But it doesn't, does it. Does it? Not even closely-cropped ones?

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