Iím still trying to crack the case of the origin of my Chilean M-1 shell. With the help of Greg Pikersgill and one of his collector counterparts, the origins of our Chilean shell has been narrowed down to one of the two possibilities, one being the Schubert Werke produced M1-C. Iíve not found much information on this particular helmet shell other than a few poor photos and that they were only produced for export (Dutch, Danish, Chili and others Iím sure).

Does anyone have any good information on these SW M1-C helmet shells? My biggest question about them is, ďWere they all mfr stamped?Ē Iíve seen photo examples of the SW and date stamp, in the rim of these helmets but not certain of this was standard for all SW M1-C especially the early examples. If it was then they mystery would be solved as my Chilean helmet has no identifying marking of any kind on the shell, at least none that I have discovered.

Thanks in advance,