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Seeking information on the following helmet

Article about: I'm a beginner collector and picked up a range of things while travelling Europe. I'd appreciate your help in identifying this helmet, who would have worn it, period of manufacture, thoughts

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    MAP is online now


    Quote by JL81 View Post
    The saved image on my computer is already in portrait the right side up. However, after I uploaded it using the forum image host, it turned sideways. Is there anyway to rotate the image in the forum image host before uploading?
    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    you still have to save it via paint 3D
    The key is to "edit" the photo. When taken from a phone, the rotation is screwed up. So just downloading and then uploading will not do the trick. So using Paint 3D would work. But also any other editing tool. Just a basic "edit" does the trick.

    The issue is not the forum software, happens on other forums as well.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    -Does the term "Adrian" have any meaning to these helmets?
    The design is credited to be from Intendant-General August-Louis Adrian

    -It appears to be a Spartan soldier on the front. What is the meaning of this?
    What I can find out is that in the 16th Century, Marshal Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, created the Engineer Corps and defined the badge, the cuirass and helmet were worn by soldiers that repaired defenses because of the proximity to danger. There may be some poetic license in that translation hopefully someone will correct me if it is wrong

    -When I had asked about how many were issued, what I meant to say was, how many versions were released? You had suggested this was an early make as "the absence of rivets joining in the visor and neck guard point to this being earlier manufacture." Is there information on how the helmet evolved during the war and what those changes were?
    The link I sent earlier is the best on line resource to answer this question

    -How many different soldier units were issued this helmet? I know I've seen one for those who were in tanks, this one is for engineering, how many other different "job titles" (for lack of a better word) were issued these?
    Engineers, infrantry or soldier, tank
    There were 7 standard issues badges, again the link I sent earlier is the best on line resource to answer this question, in addition to that it was also used by a number of other countries

    -Would I be correct in saying I'm in possession of the first ever issue of steel helmets?
    I would personally not make that claim, it is not possible to corroborate it

    -Can anyone recommend a type of helmet stand for display purposes?
    Search the forum there are multiple threads on this subject. The important thing is to avoid putting the weight on the helmet on the leather becaus eof it's age, the post should go through the hole in the center in direct contact with the shell

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