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Smelly helmets!

Article about: Hello everyone. ........a bit of a strange question really but I've a number of helmets in a spare room and quite frankly it's beginning to pong abit! There are two particular offenders, bot

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    Thanks for all the ideas Gents!
    I'm going to give a combined attack with a number of options.
    Kill it cure ..........

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    OR cure- my kindle's spellchecker has a mind of its own!

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    The only other alternative is to get rid of the missus and put up with the smell...
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    That's true. Fabreeze, or even Kroger brand fabric freshener might work. If you live in an apartment, is there a window ledge you could put them on ?

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    As per “Harry’s” must ask how long-standing and loving the current relationship is....after all, we’re talking about helmet collecting here!......’ever heard the saying about there being plenty of fish in the sea?...and yet, there’s a lot fewer helmets......’just sayin’ :-)

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    I had a nice out of the woods M42 cammo helmet that a
    mouse had lived in or several years and looked to have
    birthed several litters in..

    I tried everything I could thing I could think of with only a small reduction of smell.

    I finally gave up and moved it along with a clear disclaimer about the smell
    an a reduction on the price as well.

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    I can't offer any assistance on the OP's problem as I've *never* encountered any helmets that seem obviously smelly. Except one. And it is an intrinsic problem that cannot be fixed.

    In the early 1950s the Danes adopted the M48 which was an M1 copy. They initially made their own liners for this, in a Bakelite-resin type substance which is recognisable for its reddish colour. And its really strong chemical smell. These were unsurprisingly massively unpopular with the troops, as the smell increases as they get warm (like when being worn...) and likely no better recieved when they were eventually palmed off on the civil defence units.

    Years ago I bought several of these and the smell on opening the box was actually eye-wateringly intense. The problem isn't too bad if they are kept well-aired but if they get even slightly warm it returns as if it had never gone. I don't know what is outgassing, it may or not be hazardous, but its certainly smelly enough to avoid.

    In my experience these are the only helmets that actually *smell*.

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    Good job you did not buy Eva Brauns knickers,
    "and when he gets to heaven,
    to saint peter he will tell:
    "Just another marine reporting, sir
    I've served my time in hell."

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    wipe them with lemon Pledge , that will freshen them up a little and make the room more pleasant smelling, also helps clean off dust

    also wipe the liner on your Ssh60 / Ssh68 if it has the vinyl liner

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    We have a small home air purifier. I have taken items with
    really bad musty and or smoke smells put them into a plastic
    garbage bag with the open end right up to the purifier and let it
    run for a day. It worked really well.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

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    myself around.

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