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Smelly helmets!

Article about: Hello everyone. ........a bit of a strange question really but I've a number of helmets in a spare room and quite frankly it's beginning to pong abit! There are two particular offenders, bot

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    Default Smelly helmets!

    Hello everyone.
    ........a bit of a strange question really but I've a number of helmets in a spare room and quite frankly it's beginning to pong abit!
    There are two particular offenders, both of which are New old stock Russian helmets that have obviously been stored from the 50s/60s.
    I've always cleaned a helmet when it's arrived but I just can't get the niff out of these two.

    The missus is beginning to talk of a 'helmet free zone' so immediate and drastic action is required.

    Any help on how to make an ssh60 become more palatable to the 'long haired General's' sensitive nostrils would be very welcome!

    Ps I've already suggested a nice s10 respirator but got a surprisingly negative result.

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    What kind of smell is it? Musty? Like an old attic? I guess you could spray them with Lysol disinfectant spray(If it doesn't damage the liners.) Or leave them outside in the fresh air for a while.

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    It's a very musty smell and incredibly strong.
    I live in an apartment so I don't have anywhere to air them.
    I like the sound of Lysol as I was concerned about damaging the liners.
    Thank you

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    There are fabric freshness spays that are designed to be gentle on material which would make them ok on liners. Might take a few applications before the mustiness is finally got rid of though.

    Rgd's, Mark.

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    ......I've had problems with Moth Ball smells......a dealer sent me a lid 12 months ago which had been stored with took 6-9 months of sitting upturned in the sun...and there's still a tiny hint...but fabric treatment wasn't much help 'cos there aint much actual cloth in old Brit lids....I lit incense sticks under it (made the house smell great but no use)....I took the liner out so I could display the shell on it's own but even the metal stank.........time and sunlight worked...

    ...had some new camo a bag from a mate....full of mice it transpired......eeeuuuuuugh......

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    You could always try stashing some silica gel pouches inside the liner rims if it is a moisture/damp related smell. Or just put them onto a really high shelf out of reach from 'er indoors!

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    Great thread! I'm having same problem with my helmets displayed in Living room.

    Lots of remedies offered here

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    Since you are limited on Fresh/outside Air areas in your apartment. Maybe try and put it in a large plastic trash bag with an opened box of Baking soda to help absorb the odor.

    I had painted a shelf and was looking for something to absorb the chemical smell and found that many folks were using BS to absorb/decrease the odor of the solvent.

    Just a Thought.

    Semper Fi

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    ...that works too....I used it on a piece of furniture tho it too had to sit aside for a while too....and I later found out what happens if you wash BS off plastic sheeting with water over your grass.....well, it'll grow back I'm sure........tho it's been a year so far.....

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    You could try sticking a sheet of fabric softener for your clothes dryer in each one, you may have to replace them once in a while.
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