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Spanish Modello "Z" 42

Article about: Recently I picked up a Modello Z helmet, leather liner, post war unissued,or so I'm told. Leather is in too good condition to be from the war, and certainly looks unissued. I am curious as t

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    It's worth bearing in mind that these helmets were in normal use for several decades, from the 1940s to the 1990s in some units. There's reason to suppose that some level of refurbishment went on, even to the point of early-model examples (like this one with the leather liner and strap) getting a *new* liner and strap and a repaint at some point. The other aspects remarked on are entirely down to the quality of steel used and manufacturing techniques, neither of which were especially good. Not 'made on German machinery' oh no, definately not!

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    hi nitram here's some more detailed pictures of mine, jamesSpanish Modello "Z" 42Spanish Modello "Z" 42Spanish Modello "Z" 42Spanish Modello "Z" 42Spanish Modello "Z" 42
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    "Original" to me, being a TR German helmet collector mostly, is a very binary concept (1 or 0, '33-'45 or post war). But as has been said, these were used over the course of decades sometimes, being reissued a number of times no doubt. No convenient date (like the surrender of Germany) dictates when "original" can no longer be applied to these, and they are probably still wearing the Spanish Army paint. But when it was applied and over how many other coats of reissue paint, who knows?

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