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The Сфера (Sphere) series helmets are bullet resistant helmets of titanium and steel manufacture with protective GOST ratings of 1 and 2 respectively. Worn by the troops of the Interior Ministry in the Soviet Union, these helmets continue to be used today by police and special purpose troops.

СТШ-81 Сфера

The STSh-81 was the first example to be produced; as its name indicates, it was introduced in the year 1981. The production firm behind the project was НПП КлАСС (Classcom) and the material of choice was titanium.

While production of the STSh-81 has ceased, it continues to be used by troops today.

ССШ-94 Сфера-С

The SSSh-94 is the successor to the STSh-81 and is currently produced by Classcom. Outwardly similar to its predecessor, the introduction of steel armor allowed for improved quality and protection at the cost of additional weight (The STSh-81 weighs 2.4kg while teh SSSh-94 weighs 3.3kg). The steel used in the SSSh-94 is of the same type as that used in the Maska series of helmets.

In both examples, the helmet design consists of three plates: two round ones on the sides of the head, and one bow-shaped one that sits on top, stretching from the neck to the forehead. These plates are kept together by a padded cover, with drawstring to adjust the size and fit of the plates. The helmet may also be camouflaged with a helmet cover which appears in such patterns as VSR and Flora.

In addition to the original Russian helmets, Ukrainian and Polish analogues exist.