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STSh-81 [sfera]

Article about: Found this: Sfera The Сфера (Sphere) series helmets are bullet resistant helmets of titanium and steel manufacture with protective GOST ratings of 1 and 2 respe

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    Default STSh-81 [sfera]

    Just wanna show my new arrival Soviet titanium helmet for special forces.

    It's an early full titan one.

    I hope you all know where did I get the idea to display a helmet with gas mask ...
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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    wow ph3's that is one awesome looking lid ive had one of these on my watch list for some time its just the price tag thats stop me from buying ,can i ask how the helmet is put together the plates do they fit over an inner liner im wondering what protects the head from the plates and im loving the idea of masks and lids combination if you dont mind im going to borrow that idea the lid looks great displayed well done mate, im interestd in seeing the scrimmed para lid next to it in more detail as well cheers james

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    Wow, I have always wanted one of those, congratulations! I have seen one with a green cover, but did they make camo covers for these?

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    ive always been led to believe they were for special forces

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    I'll make couple of photos in the morning gents. As for the covers, soviet had two colour: green and black. Later on, as it's stell in service in at list 3 exSU republics, excluding Russia itself, different types of cover appeared. The most famous is Russian 'gorod' (urban).

    The helmet itself is those three plates, they go into hat. The hat has kinda pockets for the side ones. Inside it has comfy pads on the inner hat structure.

    Next to it it's not a para, I recently got one actually but it's still in the post. Its' British MK6A.( i gues I need one FM12 now)

    You are more than welcome to use the idea with gas masks, the person who has shown me that concept wouldn't mind I'm sure

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    Here we go
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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    Wow, the interior loks really comfrotable.

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    From what I read, they are amazingly comfortable, and provide great protection. I want to get my hands on one of these someday, shame they're so damn hard to get for a good price.


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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    Nice SPETSNAZ lid.
    I've never seen that concept before.
    thx for posting

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    Default Re: STSh-81 [sfera]

    it's cophy as pillow, I was lucky got it from an ex-service man from Georgia. Prices for full titan even in Russia are high. Mixed metal-titan are slightly cheaper. Last mixed one I saw for sale in Ukrainian auction has been sold for like 100

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