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Swedish M37 helmets

Article about: Good Morning to all, I want to show you my little collection of Swedish M37 helmets, I'm not a great expert on these helmets, but it is a model that I like a lot and I consider it very moder

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    My rim stamping appears to be "753 42" "W"s anywhere that I can see.....

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    Well, I would have been amazed if it was a Wartsila shell - the Finns didn't use that liner type at all. Remember the 'W' is only on the shells actually *made* in Finland. Also, my mention of the Wartsila sticker can be misleading - they are only on helmets produced during the 1940s. Later production ones (the M62 which is an identical shell with a different liner system - do not have that. They do have the 'W' stamp.

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    Default he tells me....... :-)

    so I've got a SWEDISH Lithuanian Swedish...and not a Finnish Finnish Swedish.....which of course wasn't a Swedish at all. All clear now.

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    Here are a few of the Finnish made m40 helmets I have you can see the Fins did a close copy of the Swedish helmet

    Another Finnish Helmet from my collection

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    Here is photos of the Finnish used Swedish helmet i have ,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Swedish M37 helmets   Swedish M37 helmets  

    Swedish M37 helmets  

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    Thanks Krady!...just checked out that link in post's spot on..."W"s, Labels, liners.......everything a man could want..thanks for the pointer.

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    ah...but how does one tell a Finnish Swedish from a Lithuanian Swedish...after all...they're both....errrr.....Swedish....
    Ade a pity you can't sneak a peak under that nice cover or maybe through one of the foliage slits just to see if it is lacking the Swedish tre kronor coat of arms decals like my example and maybe aside from yours sporting a confirmed lithuanian camo cover the only clue of telling other bought in examples apart from Swedish armed forces issue perhaps ,Not fool proof I know as the scrubbing out of decals doesn't rule out heavy wear and tear

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    Hi, it was a soldier modification , many lithuanian soldiers used to modificate helmet's , on your's helmet says soldier's Name , surname and 1 squad .Cover's in begging most of the time was made by soldier's and later on by the army.Sorry for my bad english .

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    Quote by OldSteel View Post
    A good acquisition Ade,
    I knew that in the 1990s some Lithuanian special forces units used this type of helmet, but I had not really seen one yet.
    The name written inside would confirm his Lithuan provenance, hard to say when the chinstrap was modified.
    I really like his lived cover, definitely a piece with great character.

    Hi Lithuanian army used soviet made helmet's but by 1995 when Lithuanian army got the military donation by Swedish army it started to use swedish made M37/62 .Sorry for my bad english.

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