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SWISS HELMET ,just arived

Article about: a swiss helmet for you all to see ive no idea what model it is ,,it was £20 of ebay there are no marks or stamps on it that i can find ,and its in great condition itl look great when i final

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    As others have pointed out, itís the earliest of the Swiss M1918 as can be identified by the full ring. These were not originally black but sometime in the early 1940ís (1943 I believe) when the new M1918 variant came out with the ĺ ring, all the original M1918ís were gathered up and painted as well. Nobody really seems to agree on the actual designation as the get all muddled up with the M1918/40 M1918/43 and Iíve even seen them designated M1918/42 and Iíve seen conflicting explanations for each. At the end of the day, itís an original M1918 that was refurbed with all other M1918ís in the early 1940s. Although these are not sout after by collectors, the original full ring variants are not all that common, oneís with original green paint almost impossible to find and real collectable.

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    I really like the design of these. Nice price too.........!


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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Vicky...Is that you....???
    Just seen this comment ned! I keep telling him not to show pictures of me!

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    I read the Swiss M1918 helmet was roughly similar to the German M1916, but had a shallower, more rounded crown and skirt. This was to protect against the harsh winter winds of the alpine regions.

    the shape was designed to be used in the harsh winter winds of the Swiss Alps

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