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Swiss M1918 First Type

Article about: here pictures with the m18 in it's light green color. as mentioned these army helmets have a red A with some digits stamped inside the shell.

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    here pictures with the m18 in it's light green color. as mentioned these army helmets have a red A with some digits stamped inside the shell.

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    BG, I've found no referance to the 1953 date you are speaking of however, on the Cascos web site they did show a M1918/40 with both the full and split liner ring, so maybe they did continue to use both for some time on the new /40's? The Coscos site also shows examples of the M1918/40 to still have smooth finish green paint and indicates tht it was not until 1943 that all helmets were then to be painted matt black with a textured finish (making the M1918/43). I think this is where the waters get muddied when people talk of the first and second type M1918's as most referances make the distiction as being the open or full liner loop when in fact it looks like it is not, the real distiction is the actual shell itself which was a bit taller design in the M1918/40 and all subsequent models. It looks to me that you would have to make a face to face comparison of a smooth finish green painted, closed loop M1918 vs M1918/40 to tell the differance or I guess you could just measure the hight of the front visor if you knew what the measurement was suppose to be. The /40's and /43's all seem to be clumped together as being the second type. Of course, the third type M1918 came about in 1963 with a complete change in the liner with no changes in the shell, thus creating the model M1918/63, or at least thats how I read it.

    I think I am still going to run down and take another look at this lid. I'll pull the camo cover off and if it does in fact retain the smoth green finish then I will most likely pick it up and bring it home be it an M1918 or an M1918/40. If memory serves me, it did have the original M1918 chin strap. If it does have the black matt paint but looks to be a first type, I'll have to scratch my head and flip a coin to see if I will pick it up, guess that just means it was a re-paint. I'd sure hate to walk out that front door with a $20 helmet in my hand and a $75 hole in my pocket!

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    Thanks etalem, I'll take a close look for the markings inside the shell.....

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    I am pleased that you like the helmet and yes it was a good buy for your sons collection and very cost effective, thats what we all need. And no one can moan about $20.00, It,s nice to know that there are young people such as you son who has started to collect militaria, i think we need new blood in our field. I only stated in my opinion, but that doesnt mean they are not collectable for some people, as i only collect combat helmets and dont look at these as combat items.
    But good luck in your hunting and the best to you and your son.

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    Yes Dave, it sure is nice that he has picked this as his hobby, one that me and him can dive in to together as well. Will be nice when he gets more focused and maybe picks a period, piece or grouping of things to collect, but as a young collector he's still fascinated by EVERYTHING! He get's to display his collection, this coming weekend, he really enjoys that. Maybe he'll have this new lid to throw in the mix.



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    i found this on google images. could it be the same camo and look like the one you have?

    Name:  SwissWWIIHelmetCovers.jpg
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    Patrick, I'm not sure about the camo, I need to go and take a closer look at it, plan to today if I can get some project work off of my desk in time. The lid in the photo you posted is not a first type I do not believe as the chin strap is incorrect, or I could be mistaken.


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    Well. we finally went back to check this lid out and sadly, although it is the first type M1918, it was not spared the repaint and texturing bestowed on many of these first types during the mid 1940's. The camo cover looks to be an authentic WWII reversable type and all else looks good on the lid, besides where someone scrached an "X" in the back. The liner and chin strap look solid.

    Not what I was hoping for (really wanted it to be an un-repainted first type) but it is a first type, none the less. Got the guy to know a bit off the price so went ahead and picked it up. I might stil have paid a bit too much for it, but having not seen very few first types, I figured I'd probably regert not grabbing it while I had a chance. I'll snap a few photos of it tomorrow and post.


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