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Unidentified Brodie Helmet?

Article about: hmm a lot ruled out but now there aren't many ideas left im with you that it is a small countrys helmet maybe from the 50s which is why no-one knows about it or it could be a reanactent helm

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    Tom, I'm not sure that this isn't how it was originally. There are absolutly no indicators that this lid has ever been altered in any way, I think it is unissued as a mater of fact. If you look at the eBay posting of that blue example, it is OD on the inside having been repainted blue on the outside (I sure like this blue CD lid by the way).

    Now I actually have a direction to go as to find more info on this helemt, but as I said, I don't think it has been altered in any way and that's how it will stay. I'll hve to find me a nice salty one to display next to it (did I mention I like that blue one? LOL)

    Thanks for your help.


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    im glad to hear your not going to alter it


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    Well look, assuming Marzetti is correct (and why not) and this *is* a commercial product then there's no particular reason to believe it was ever issued to Civil Defence in the first instance. It could have gone anywhere, or it might even be that your example is indeed as it was straight out of the factory. Who knows. Mind you I tend to agree with Tom - better to leave it as you found it. Always nice to be able to solve a helmet problem, isn't it. Could do with a bit of help on that M87 clone thing, some postings below this one.

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    Greg, I'm not familair with the Marzetti's ELMETTI documentation but I'm sure it is as you say and would be the only documentation I have seen or heard, of any type, discussing this particular helmet.....and it makes sense!

    Here is a thread, on another forum that discusses this same helmet, so they are around, just not real common, I'm guessing simply because they are not collectable to most people:

    U.S. Militaria Forum > Please ID this WWII helmet for me

    THis thread states it might even be Merchant Marine used. As you say Greg, if commercial production, it could have been used most anyplace!

    Thanks again.....


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    Paolo Marzetti is a very highly regarded Italian helmet collector who is the author of ELMETTI, which is the nearest thing we have to a printed-paper Encyclopedia of World Helmets (20th C and up). The current edition is the third, and the word is that a fourth will appear next year sometime. It's published in Italy, but has both Italian and English language text. Mostly photographs, arrenged by country and in date order, so an ideal Spotters Guide.

    I have a list (somewhat in need up updating - real soon now honest) of helmet-related websites and books on my webpage here - HELMET COLLECTION COLLECTORS HELMET BOOKS ON HELMETS Helmet collector's webpages - which may be useful. Scroll down for the books.

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    Unidentified Brodie Helmet?Unidentified Brodie Helmet?

    I have also seen these type of helmets used by Civil Defense, this one is made by B.F. McDonald , Los Angeles a well known maker of hard hats

    it also has a factory Olive Drab paint, I read these were made for civillian workers during WWII

    I have also seen one painted factory white that was marked "Property of San Francisco" inside and had a Civil Defense insignia on the front

    I think your helmet is another variation of a civillian hard hat made during WWII , thats why they painted it olive green since it was war time and the people that used them painted them in different colors depending on what they were going to use it for, like Merchant Marine or CD and police

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    Greg.....I've been to your web site many many times.....thanks for the tip in the ref book, I'm sure it will be hitting my shelf very soon!

    BF, I just ran across some stuff on B.F. McDonald as well and, although I've not made or seen a direct link beween them and the exact helmet in question, I'm betting they are the likely source and the connection will be made very soon. I saw an example posted of a very similar hemet you have posted above, the liner was held in by buttons instead of bails, but looked the same otherwise. I think I read somplace the BF McDonald was contracted by many large companies to provide safety helmets for them, during wartime as well.

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    I think the final verdict is on on this helmet. ALthough not engraved in stone, it does appear to be a commercial made helmet for sale to the general population. As the OCD helmets were not general issue, I'm guessing there was a certain (but small) number of the civilian population that just HAD to have protective gear in fear of an air raid on US soil. I've come across two other examples of this hemlet, on the net, both the same as the one I posted. The blue example looks to be a custom paint job. Nothing indicates that these were ever issued to or by the OCD, that I can find, nor to any other government agency. It looks to be nothing more than a little homeland protection you could probably purchase at your local department store, during the war years. As most people in the US were not in fear of air raids, these lids were simply not in high demand. Thats my story and I'm sticking to least until someone comes along with a better story!

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