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Various helmets

Article about: Got some helmets as well. I would also like some help here; there are some I don't know , or I could be wrong on others. 1 ??post war German firefighter?? 2?? Post war German firefighter?? 3

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    Thanks Emile, much appreciated!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    5) The insignia is that of the colonial troups (model '37) but it looks to me like a replica.

    7) A two or three piece (can't see it very good) Gladiator Luftschutzhelmet with, like the others said, a none original insignia.

    9) You can find on flea markets (in Belgium) some Belgian m15 who are missing the lion and interior. They are mostly not expensive.

    11) It's a Belgian helmet from the Gandarmerie/Rijkswacht (For those who don't know what it is: Gandarmerie (French) / Rijkswacht (Dutch) was a paramilitary force. They were a part of the military for administative purposes but preform a national policing role. They merged with the civil police in 2001. This were not MP's. The are like the Carabinieri (Italy) and Guardia Civil (spain)).

    The insignia on the helmet is correct. during ww2 they had the typical belgian lion (like the helmet, painted black) dut changed it after the war in the Gandarmerie/Rijkswacht insignia.

    13) I'm not sure but I think the M16 (Italian Adrian Helmet) didn't had the two rivets in the front and only one on each side.

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    I would like to add some remarks about the following helmets:

    Nr 13 is a Dutch reissued helmet in use by the Civil Defense. The green stripe indicates medic use.
    Nr 15 is a Belgian M31, I think. You can make certain by looking at the rivets used to attach the comb. Hollow rivets = Belgian and split rivets indicates French.


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    Hello I think that nš4 its Belgium made, it has some of these marks? A.B.L / Z.M-F.N /Gd-Rw, Its for sure Mk2 variant

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    Nš 13 is Certainly a French one M 26 (35) Adrien weights 900gr

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    Nš 14 i Think it is Ssh 39 because the straps are from leather and the Ssh40 were "tissue" i dont recall the name in english but it could be an modified Ssh 40 as someone said before

    Sorry hope that helped

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    #13 the presumed Italian by me; thise one:

    Is a adrian M 31 without front holes for insigna made for civil purpose, ment for protection in manufactory's,insigna's would be painted on, if one was needed.
    So i was informed on a Belgian forum.
    They also showed this Argentine M 31 Adrian helmet made by Fonson in Belgium.
    Difference sits in the back of the helmet where a small marked iron plate was added.

    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Very nice lid. Examples of these have also been used by the Dutch civil defense.
    *edit* (Emile was ahead of me)*edit*
    Nice helmet still.

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