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very unusual helmet on ebay?

Article about: The liners of some of the 50s and 60s car raceing helmets are much the same. These lids are collectible in there own. There could be somthing under the green paint. Could be.

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    Default very unusual helmet on ebay?

    Found this on ebay,not even sure where it should be posted,being sold as a ww2 Normandy M1 USN/TANK/PARATROOPER/any ideas anyone?is it real or something knocked up in modern times.............
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture very unusual helmet on ebay?   very unusual helmet on ebay?  

    very unusual helmet on ebay?   very unusual helmet on ebay?  

    very unusual helmet on ebay?   very unusual helmet on ebay?  

    very unusual helmet on ebay?  

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    Never seen anything US like that. New one too me. I have no idea. Marty

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    Did the USA use that sizing system Jake? Never seen anything like it before.

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    This does not look US to me.
    I also think post-war.
    Will see what other say.

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    Well it certainly has nothing to do with the US postwar Experimental Helmet Programs,and I too dont believe its of US origin and that shell is rimless so therefore does not have a front or rear seam which has never been known on any US issued Helmets.also the paint and texture is typical European so im going with chris on this one,cant add much more really.

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    I'd say post war and maybe some kind of dispatch riders helmet.

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    The US did and still does use this sizing system.....but as far as the helmet and what it is, I have no clue....Best guess would be a repro British Dispatch Riders helmet....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    An interesting helmet!

    Another clue is to look on the back of the stud button, might able to judge by the maker like United Carr, DOT, Scoville, etc...


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    It's been over-painted in an 'army green'. Looks like something
    race car drivers in the 1950's wore.........


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    The holes and the cord running outside the helmet reminds me of the vintage 'Texolex' helmets.

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