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WW2 French Steel Helmet w/ bullet hole and inscription inside

Article about: My newest yard sale find.. I was told a WW2 French Helmet. Appears to have a bullet hole in side of helmet and an A type of symbol inscribed inside helmet on brim. I was hoping someone may k

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    Quote by lebus12 View Post
    Okay so my helmet is indeed used by the French in WW2? It seams odd that it doesn't have the emblem holes on the front though. It is possible is was used in both Spanish Civil War and by the French after? Or perhaps another possibility I am missing?

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    I would like to see

    Just posted my G43. As it turned out they symbols are different from the Croix V but take a look. it could be related.

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    I would agree with 'battle gear' and 'magicdutchman', the lack of badge mounting holes and the colour point to the French M26 helmets used in the Spanish Civil War. The marks inside could mean anything to the individual that made them.
    Even though it is missing the liner the fact it does not have the holes at the front makes it desirable in my opinion.

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